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Hi guys.

Apologies for the lack of news from Victor Harbor, but it's been quite full on.

I'm happily typing & packing at thwe same time, ready for the trip back.

It's been a real blast.  I missed Thursday of course while riding the 776 km to get here.

Thursday night we were all chatting & drinking away & Friday was the trip to Boirdwood for the National Motor Museum.

While we were out, the VJMC swarmed into the Caravan park which made for a large party atmosphere.

Then the bikes needed cleaning for the big VJMC display.

I have a zillion photo's for you.  cool0010

A big dinner last night, (a lot like a wedding reception  2funny), & the charming company of my fellow cx-ians who hacked the photo on my phone when I went outside  :well:

& finally, up & hopefully ready by 10am, when Joe & I ride back to Dimboola.

Staffy put the gremlin bell on my turbo & I'm being chaparoned half way home.  Maybe that's why I only had a deformed front wheel to complain about this year?

I bought the only front wheel of that size in Victor Harbor & took about 100kg off the weight of the handlebars.   fietsertour

Totally amazing difference.

I should get home around 10:30 or 11:00 tonight, si I'll get started on the pictures & description tomorrow.




What happened to your front wheel Ian?

 I've just uploaded the contents of my old camera taken at Birdwood to photo bucket so I'll post a few here. Better quality pictures to come, thanks people.  happy0062 I'm sure there'll be plenty of good photos from many of you

 It was good to meet all of you, both those locals I've met before and you interstate travellers I've never met before. Wish I could have spent more time with you.

 Thanks also to Staffo and Thirsty to allow me to crash in their accomodation. Though I do wish they hadn't returned from the dinner in such a rowdy, grossly inebriated state.  lmao


And some more.


Awesome Mark  happy0159

My front tyre turned out to be 10 years old & it scalloped.  It looked great when I left, but by the time I was in Victor Harbor, it was all over the place.  When I rode over the gutter at the Museum to park the bike, I actually had a 2kmh tank slap.

Staffy, rang the Victor Motorcycles & they had one left.  They even apologised that it was a sticky tyre & not expected to last a long time.  I didn't care at all about that & they even fitted it for me after work on Friday as well as giving me a $20 discount on the total job. 

Tyre & fitting $182.40.
The improvement at the handlerbars = priceless  lmao

I've already loaded my photo's onto facebook, so perhaps a link to them is better?


And the VJMC Display in the park


And later today, I'll add some photo's of the beautiful town itself.

A somewhat entertaining story of the trip home will go on to the "Gremlin Bell" page in a little while  :well:

Sadly that includes running out of fuel again.  rollingpin0.gif


A somewhat entertaining story of the trip home will go on to the "Gremlin Bell" page in a little while  :well:

Sadly that includes running out of fuel again.  rollingpin0.gif


You did what?

I didn't ride nearly as far as everyone else but by the time I got home yesterday I was completely exhausted. 

The Bastardwing is now safely at Mark's place and will have a new head gasket done at some time.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tony to organise a few things for those couple of days, and am really chuffed that everyone seemed to enjoy the rides (but we shan't talk about Nairne or Mount Barker  rolleye0012).

....and meeting all the people I have been talking to on here for 3 1/2 years in person is truly fantastic.  I cannot say enough what a kind, funny, generous and open hearted group of people there are on this forum.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!


I didn't take many photos as I kinda forgot....

We'll have to get Doddsy to make a thread purely for his photos.  He took hundreds.

Here's some that I did take from Wednesday and Thursday (which Doddsy missed out on  :nanana:)

All set up and waiting for others to arrive on the Wednesday.

Stopped at Normanville for lunch on the Thursday ( I don't know why these have gone all shrinky.....)

Stopped at Myponga Reservoir on Thursday's ride


I cannot say enough what a kind, funny, generous and open hearted group of people there are on this forum.

Is that right?

Then why do I have the attached picture as my phone background?

 lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao


Well we had to give you something as a birthday gift  2funny


It could have been a whole lot worse Ian.  Staffy was in the process of pulling down his pants before we decided to keep it clean!

I too had a good time except for Friday night (kept awake ALL night by our idiot neighbours at the camp ground) and it was good to catch up with some friends I haven't seen for a while.

It was a pity the weather turned crappy for Saturday but I think we all still had a good time regardless.

Hard to believe Doddsy has run out of fuel again!  I can't wait to hear that story.


Yes, well I'll put that up properly this evening.  :well:

I have a few clients anxiously awaiting a visit, so no more remote's for me today.  2lipsrsealed

Steve F

Spotted some CX's in the VJMC ride video.  No doubt more but I skimmed through it.

10min, 12min and 13-14min.

[ Invalid YouTube link ]



Hi again, now that I've cleared up some work, I thought I might pop a few picytures up about the trip there & back.

Firstly, the trip there.

I started out at 7AM, (Just in time to catch the peak hour traffic & almost too dark for a photo).  That made the firsst 30km into 45 minutes  2tickedoff

Then for the first time ever, I was at the wrong place at McDonalds  lmao

Being a little paranoid about fuel, I stopped at a servo in Ararat. I haven't used this bike much & really didn't know how many "Miles" to a tank, or even how big the tank was.

The next 3 photo's were a town named Beaufort, where I got a really nice cappacino & had a look at a couple of local buildings while I drank it. (stretch the legs)  happy0159.

I thought of the poem "I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains" whilst going across to Dimboola to meet Joe Hovel.  Sweeping plains, after sweeping plains, after sweeping plains...... (Boredom with a crosswind  2undecided), but a great photo of the Turbo.

And of course, my riding partner from Dimboola.  Joe & I kept up a fair pace & had fun riding the second half of my distance.  happy0158


Not unusual for me, the guys wanted to know how far away we were.  So I took a photo of the sign while Joe asked them to collect some meat from the supermarket for us.  A lovely BBQ on Thursday after introductions to new faces & catch ups with the ones we've met before.  2cheer.

And then surprisingly before dark (for the first time ever), I'm all set up & ready in the camp ground/Caravan park.  2shocked 2shocked

We had a great view of the water & overall a great place to camp.

I also took a bunch of photo's of the town itself if anyone would like to see them.

I put them up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.570055366346206.1073741828.100000252434324&type=1


Where's that roadsign Doddsy? Y'see, I'm about 74 km from Victor and roughly 20 something K or so from Strath. Somewhere north of Strath?


So even with Joe Hovel chapparoning me, I still managed to run out of fuel on the way home.  2embarassed

I completely mis-judged the size of the Turbo tank & thought I had an 8 litre reserve.  The Wasp has a 5 litre reserve, so it didn't seem unrealistic.

This was after riding all the way there on a scalloped front tyre which would throw a wobble anytime it felt like it.  Staffy organised me the only front tyre of the correct size in all of Victor Harbor, fitted after work with a discount & I had a transformation at the handlebars.  I upped the air in it on the way home from 35 to 38 & the remaining minor wobbles left completely.  2cheer

But none the less, about 5km short of Bordertown, the Turbo came to a spluttering halt.  Joe couldn't believe that I ran out after having filled to the brim in Victor Harbor just as we left.  For some reason I used 4 litres more fuel than Joe in an identical distance on the way up a few days earlier.  2idiot

To make sure that it wasn't just the Turbo going into limp mode, I tried it again & made about 400 meters to the next rest stop.  That was handy as Joe found a McDonalds slushee container that he used to drain fuel from his tank for me to put in mine.

The Gremlin bell must have thought this was great fun, as we stopped right on top of a nest of angry red ants.  2funny

While I was brushing ants off my boots, they didn't seem to dare climb on Joe.  I'm sure they thought he was ready with a match & a cup of fuel if they did.

Poor Joe's fuel line cracked as he pulled it off & he had about 2mm either end holding on to the fuel tap & carb when he put it back.  That got us about another 3 or 4 km up the road & the Turbo ran out again.

By this time, I was silly enough to ask how much per litre would he like for fuel & he suggested $30. NailBiter

We still had the Maccas container & this time, he filled it to the brim (without $30) & we made it the final kilometer or so to Bordertown & a fuel station.

Luckily, no damage to the Turbo's fuel pump or injectors & the bike ran well all the way home.

We met up with Kathy & Ron at Bordertown who had received Joe's apology for us running late and of course the reason.  Kathy & Ron simply sympathised with poor Joe falling into Doddsy's adventures luck.

None the less, Glenn & Mark were great in leading us to Tailem Bend & saving a good 60km off the return trip.  They "ran us out of town" as it were.

Cephas (Seagrass), Charlie (81 Custom) & Ray (Rooray) turned off shortly after that to head north & Joe & I headed east.

Joe & I separated at Dimboola (which is pretty much closed on Sunday's) & he went to Bendigo, while I came back through Ballarat to Melbourne & Ferntree Gully arriving home at 11 PM.  I wanted to get through Ballarat to the major highway before dark, so I could follow other vehicles.  Less chance of hitting small animals & old people that way.

I ended up putting a second T shirt on in Stawell & a third T shirt plus thick socks in Ballarat. (That always works).

So history repeats.  Scalloped tyre & out of fuel on the Cowra trip.  Fuel line issues (for Joe this time) & angry red ants on the Bathurst trip.

Who wants to ride with me next time??????????????????????????????


I reckon that sign might be on the Goolwa-Callington Road Mark.  Joe had a map that he'd printed, so I just followed him.  happy0159


 Looking at google earth I see two places you could have been Doddsy. Either you'd just left the south eastern freeway or just skirted Lake Alexandrina.


Yep, we'd just turned off the South Eastern Freeway.  happy0159

I remember telling Joe that my hand was cramping up & stopping was a great move.  He had the same cramping.  happy0158


Mate, I'll ride with you, anytime  2smiley


At least you'd have something to tell the grandchildren Glen.  lmao lmao

I'm not sure that I even want to ride with me!  doh1

Shhh!  (If you're really quiet in my garage, you can hear the gremlin bell trying to escape)  lmao

Ah! The joys of motoring  cool0010


Oh, by the way guys.  Joe borrowed the fuel line from Kathy's bike when we met at Bordertown, which was great of Ron to go & get that for him.  happy0062  No more worry about the remaining 2mm of fuel line falling off.

And of course, none of the above changes the fact that I had an absolute ball on the 4 day weekend, including the adventure of riding each way in a day each.  2cheer

I mentioned to the others at Victor Harbor that so many people dream of doing what we do & never do it because they worry about what might go wrong.

The kids will be around tomorrow for "scotch & coke night".  They've already seen the photo's on facebook, but I'll have some stories to make them laugh.  lmao

It doesn't get much better than that.  cool0010



Shhh!  (If you're really quiet in my garage, you can hear the gremlin bell trying to escape)  lmao

Ah! The joys of motoring  cool0010


"Young" Les F

650 will chase it away  SHUSH   650, 650 650 shush be quiet.................................................... 650 650


Vudu_52 and I arrived home yesterday afternoon (and today I went back to work and he went back to retirement) after two enjoyable rallies (although we both reckon the CX500 & CX650 Rally was the better of the two).  We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting everyone – some for the first time and some for the first time in a long time!

I'd like to thank all the forum members who came along to the rallies - especially those who rode long distances to/from the rally and those who rode on very hot and/or windy days.  Special thanks also to White Knight for travelling from New Zealand to take part in the rallies.

I would especially like to thank Staffy and Thirsty for the all the time and effort they put into organising our rally and congratulate both of them on a job well done - they organised two great rides (including a visit to Bill's Bits and Bikes in Birdwood), provided everyone with an information pack and reserved the camp kitchen for us on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Thanks guys!!   sign0092

As with the previous two rallies certificates were awarded for the best bike in each of the following categories - thanks to Seagrass and RooRay for assisting with the judging.  (Unlike with the previous two rallies I forgot to bring the certificates with me so I’ll post them to the winners).

Category   Winner
Best CX500 (Original or Shadow)   Staffy
Best CX500 Custom   CX Phreak
Best CX500 Turbo   Thirsty
Best CX650 Eurosport   Joe Hovel
Best 'Grey Import' CX/GL   Mins Man

In addition to the above awards two perpetual trophies – and a Meguiar's Motorcycle Detailing Kit - were also awarded – one each to the best CX500 and CX650 (these trophies can be awarded to any CX500 or CX650 variant).

The ‘Kathy Leslie Trophy for Best CX500’ was awarded to Staffy (CX500 Shadow) and the ‘Arty Webb Memorial Trophy for Best CX650’ was awarded to Mins Man (GL700 Wing Interstate).

And last, but by no means least, I would like to thank Seagrass for the time and effort he puts into the management of this forum on a daily basis - it wouldn't be as successful as it is without his ongoing assistance.  sign0092


Can I award Seagrass the gremlin bell?

It may have better luck with him!  lmao lmao lmao

(agree wholeheartedly with the above  happy0158).


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