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Re: What's happening today?
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off topic-has doddsy done ok with his dental Rx and Bali trip?-hope he didn't get caught in the Indonesia floods of a few weeks ago....

Mins Man

Re: What's happening today?
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Has this one been up for sale before? It looks familar and is in nice condition.
I reckon just the exhaust out here in OZ would be worth the current bid of nearly 2400 bucks.



Re: What's happening today?
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I went to sleep dreaming before that link came up.


Re: What's happening today?
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Sorry I'm late getting back to you on my teeth guys.

I hit the ground running at both work & helping prepare for my daughter's wedding.

Bali was fun except for the teeth, but that was quite successful.  A lot of it went to plan & the few things that didn't were easily fixed.

That included me getting lost & going to the wrong place.  2funny

The do have anaesthetic and used it well on the first visit.  I could have used more on the second visit,, but the job got done.

I picked a place with their own dental lab to try & prevent lengthy delays & a repeat trip, which worked pretty well.

The made me some temporary crowns in 2 hours at the first visit & then sent me away for an hour on the second while the lab made a few adjustments to the real crowns.

For the week in-between visits, I hired a scooter & you'll be amused to know that my luck with breakdowns carries across the oceans of the world.   :crash:

The engine light came on, so the place gave me a different scooter.  lmao

While it was odd that the dentists all spoke Indonesian during both of my 2 hour plus visits, I wouldn't have heard them in English anyway so it didn't worry me.  2funny

So the next step is to see a local dentist for a checkup & see what opinion I get back from that.  (They might be grumpy).


Re: What's happening today?
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For those that came in late.....


Re: What's happening today?
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SL175 was my first bike  2smitten 2smitten


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