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I asked a friend in Japan to keep an eye out for any old CXs and he turned up a CX650 turbo with under 5000 for sale in a shop.  I have asked him to get more info (including price) but am wondering what something like this would be worth.  Not cheap I would guess (not even considering the shipping costs).

I will let you know what the asking price is when I find out.  Maybe we can hold a comp to see whos guess comes closest....you have to guess in Yen  :)

I can't believe that less than 2 weeks ago I didn't even know that CX's existed...and now I can't get enough of them!




OK first guess,

It is rare, it has low mileage and it is for sale so in AU$6,000.00?




My thoughts are about $Yen 608978 ($6,000) Australian too.



Ok .. how about $6500 Aus$ (plus shipping I guess)


137 500 turbos 1 650 were shipped to Austerlia ,the 650 turbo is owned by a Honda executive .But others have shipped 500t s in to the country So If I had the cash I would I grab it .Only 1,777  650  turbos were made.


Piero being the lucky owner of a low Klm CX500t I "can" tell you in Australia you should have to pay $5000 to $8000 for a rare little beauty like that. For an indication of what desired Jap bikes are worth try picking up a Mack4 or a Z900 for any where near that money if you can. And we all know the secret, that a CX500t is a far grander thing to behold than either of them but then a CX650t would be grander still and worth a few more grand heh!   Get it here quick I want a ride please.   


I'll be very magnanimous, and offer 5 grand......if shipping is free.................well...ya never know.........



It may be useful to remember that generally 5000k's in Japanese road/traffic conditions is quite a different experience, for both rider and machine, than the equivalent distance in Oz.

I travelled two-up around Japan's main island Honshu on a current model Yamaha SR400 earlier this year for three weeks. We rode through a variety of environs from Tokyo's extreme congestion to the top of the Japanese Alps and regional/rural floodplains and valleys in between.

In three weeks, averaging 5hrs a day in the saddle we covered the grand total of 2000ks! That's an average road speed of about 20kph!!!

On Honshu, even outside metro areas traffic congestion, intersections, traffic lights/signs, single lane mountain passes and low speed limits all conspire to necessitate constant stop/starts and gears changes equalling a heightened amount of mechanical wear and tear.

With the above considered, I reckon you could at least quadruple that 5000ks for a better sense of actual "mileage"/useage.

Consider Japanese classic bike market: 79 CX500 21ks @ 250,00.00 JPY / 2,454.25 AUD
                                                      74 Kwaka Z-1 22ks @ 1,380,000.00 JPY = 13,547.48 AUD

So. Shipping/package costs? Dunno. Maybe a grand AUD.

My ballpark figure/guess for the "UNSEEN" CX650T: 1,000,000.00 JPY = 9,817.01 AUD.

All the best,

Dale  happy0158


I won't keep you in suspense any longer.....my friend in Japan rang the bike shop and got a price for the CX650 Turbo.  It turns out that this shop actually has TWO low km CX turbos in stock!  A 1983 CX650 turbo with 3770 km and a 1982 CX500 turbo with 5700km.  Apparently the asking price is 1,580,000 yen each....that converts to about $15,500!

A bit steep for me...so I don't think I'll be rushing off to Japan to pick one up.   I'm also a bit confused as to how they come up with the same figure for both bikes....I would have thought the slightly newer CX650 turbo with less kms would be worth more than the older CX500 with more kms?

If anyone is interested is seeing pics of the bikes follow the link below and it should take you to the page where they are featured (its all in Japanese, but the important numbers are clear enough).

ƒoƒCƒNî•ñ–žÚIVŽÔE’†ŒÃƒoƒCƒNŒŸõƒTƒCƒgyGooBike.comz: <cx500>

....then again, maybe I could make them an offer for both   >:D


PS: I lived in Japan for 3 yrs...but at that stage I hadn't yet developed a passion for bikes.  A pitty, because some of the roads around the area where I lived would have been wonderful to ride on.



NICE to look at Piero ( banks got heaps $)


Looks good.. If you go to this url it is a google translation for the web page listed above.. Dont you just luv direct translations
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There ya go I told ya it was worth a squillion now the price of mine just went up Not that it's for sale anyway.

Dr Don

Not that yours is fully assembled yet - either.


well I did sand a pipe back today, thats a good start


Good on you Willy, keep up the good work. happy0065



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