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metal washer 12.5x17.3x1
« Started on: 02-Nov-20, 21:55 »
I'm busy taking the 1980 GL400 Custom from my son apart to replace the mechanical seal.
Found the usual wear of at the rear due to lack of maintenance (loose spring tension on the cam shaft chaing) so I removed the rear and front cover to clean up as much as I can.
This is the first time I'm opening the engine by myself and I'm taking as much precaution and care as I can.
While cleaning up the oil around the engine I found a small metal washer 12.5x17.3x1 under the engine (front side).
Any suggestions where this washer belongs?

Probably the washer for the gearshift spindle...?



Re: metal washer 12.5x17.3x1
« Reply #1 on: 02-Nov-20, 23:32 »
Compare it to the washer on the starter idler. They are the same washer.


Re: metal washer 12.5x17.3x1
« Reply #2 on: 03-Nov-20, 08:31 »
Thanks for that I will have a look.


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