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starter motor
« Started on: 08-Sep-20, 18:37 »
Hello Gurus
Young Les suggested I complete the JHovel modification to the Starter Motor as part of the repairs to the Starter Clutch to ensure a more efficient system.  I opened the Starter Motor and have a few questions.
The JHovel photos show two wires attached to the carbon brushes mine see photo only has one.  Will this be a problem?
also one of the carbon brushes appears to be shorter than the other perhaps indicating uneven wear any advice?
and inside there was tape (see photo) not sure what this is for and should I remove it? 
I hope you can set my mind at ease.
thanks Gurus


Re: starter motor
« Reply #1 on: 08-Sep-20, 19:08 »
The one or two wire versions of connecting the carbon brushes is probably down to different suppliers and has no consequence.
The different wear characteristics of the two carbon brushes is likely down to two different suppliers too. As long they don't tilt too far sideways in their holders, they should both be OK.
The tape is just to stop a build-up of carbon dust on the walls over time, which could potentially short-circuit the connectors to the case.
Just remove a bit where you make the new connection, which needs good contact with the case of course.


Re: starter motor
« Reply #2 on: 08-Sep-20, 21:58 »
thanks Joe


Re: starter motor
« Reply #3 on: 09-Sep-20, 10:20 »
Good morning GM,

Your second photo showing the two brushes suggests to me that one of them (the one on the right of the photo) has popped further out of the holder but that they are probably both worn down to a similar length. The critical thing with brushes is that they should be long enough to reach the commutator (the circular part they rub on) and have sufficient length left that the spring behind them exerts a reasonable amount of tension, and they sit nice and square in the holder. Yours look like they'll do that.


Re: starter motor
« Reply #4 on: 16-Sep-20, 19:08 »
thanks Denuto
I think one is shorter than the other.  I've ordered new ones anyway I'll keep these as spare for the resto bike.


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