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Dr Don

Turbo Oil Pump Chains
« Started on: 19-Jan-08, 15:53 »
For those that care, Honda have said they are NLA, and it's been proved, too.
However, the turbo oil-pump chain is a 48 link chain, with the same spec. links and pins and width, as the 52 link naturally-aspirated CX/GL oil-pump chain. (DID 25H)
Beware that it is a fully riveted chain, and driving a pin out, without first grinding the deformed end of the pin off, will lead to gross scoring of the bush which the pin runs in.  Grinding the end off makes the pin unuseable for rejoining the chain.
So, just push two pins out of the piece of chain NOT being reused - without grinding the end off each pin - flatten the riveting/staking, and reuse these pins to join the chain, by re-riveting them.
OR, go to a "Reynolds" chain supplier, and get him to make you a 48 link chain, in "DID 25H" links.


Re: Turbo Oil Pump Chains
« Reply #1 on: 19-Jan-08, 23:33 »
Thanks Don, was going to ask if there was a way to get the pump chains fabricated..


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