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82 master cylinder
« Started on: 11-Aug-20, 18:59 »
Hi all,
Would the original master cylinder on my 82 cx500 shadow with twin discs be 16mm bore.
The sight glass in gone on the generic cylinder fitted now, I’m suspecting it’s 14mm as I’ve never been happy feel of it.
Kits that are available Points to 16mm but I just want to check with gurus before ordering.


Re: 82 master cylinder
« Reply #1 on: 11-Aug-20, 19:24 »
16 {15.8} is correct for 2 calipers.

There is a cheapy listed on ebay for cb400s that works OK. I have a couple fitted. The brake light switches are garbage.


Re: 82 master cylinder
« Reply #2 on: 11-Aug-20, 21:33 »
Thanks for that.


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