A A A A Author Topic: Master cylinder screw at bottom. What is the reason for it? 1980 CX500A (Shadow)  (Read 113 times)


Hi Guys,

Does anyone know what this screw is for (see attachment)? Is it to drain fluid from the master cylinder? The hole where it mount too does not seem to go thru to the bore on the master cylinder piston. but the screw itsn't threaded all the way so it would be really stranger. It must have a reason.

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Brake light switch retainer?


Great. Thanks for that guys. my switch housing is pretty stuck there cause I got 20 years old brake fluid all over the master cylinder and it caused it to stick the housing in there so bad that I will end up braking if I try to remove it.    2sad 


you may also find a complete aftermarket master cylinder with brake switch is cheaper than just the "piston/seal kit"-so if the plastic housing (reservoir in the diagram) looks very "marbled" and brittle-that might be worth considering....


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