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Someone please tell me where to get these and I too need a gasket for front camshaft cover, or can I use sealant.
I'm searching a lot for parts and I found this one ... Cruzinimage.net .... which is a supplier of parts for old Japanese bikes and very cheap. Have anyone had any dealings with them. About $us 60 for a engine gasket set, they got 500 carby rebuild too.


The front cam cover requires a gasket made from .8 mm gasket paper. The thickness is fairly critical as a different thickness will effect the cam end float.

There is an oilseal in the assembly - 17 x 28 x 7 mm which can be bought at any bearing shop.

 Also a 14 x 2.5 mm o ring on the pressure gallery behind the cover.


You can get the antidive boots from Honda, a bit expensive but readily available as they were used on other Honda models.

Do yourself a favour and take the part number with you as that will make the parts allocator you’re friend.

For other parts check out www.wemoto.com.au as they have many items and their stock is fed from Wemoto UK.



I have used Cruzinimage just recently and found them very good with quick postage from Japan. Killer.  :hatoff:


I've been searching for hours now for the anti dive boots, and yes there are plenty off them in the world, except Australia.
I'll pay the price but I'll not 30 something dollars for something that can go in a envelope and a few dollar stamp. So I found some grommets that fit and that will have to do or should I disconnect the antidive, but how. I thought about making a sleeve for the pin so there wont be any movement. Read somewhere disconnecting it and no air improved the handling. I defiantly don't like the idea of it being on one side only. Let me know if I'm mistaken, I don't mind. Just can't find a Emoji to suit my thinking cap.


unfortunately shipping is the latest way of extorting more money out of us. If you want the parts badly enough you will pay up. Thats all there is to it .


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