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Fuel tank trouble
« Started on: 22-Jun-20, 16:40 »
ello everyone,

i’ve been working on getting the rust out of my tank over the last month with little success. Been using a variety of tips from the forum and elsewhere to no avail. To throw a spanner in the works i’ve just ruptured my Achilles and am out for 12weeks. So I’m pleading for help here really, if you have the skills and knowledge please lend a hand. One of the only things helping me in iso was working on the bike but now i can’t even do that.

Willing to pay for materials and buy beers, travel to you with tank, whatever it takes. I just want the bike good to go when i get out of this damn moonboot.

I get the rust out no wokkaz but the flash rusting is killing me and i’ve tried sealing it with a special paint as well.

Located in inner northern suburbs of Melbourne but like i said i can hobble to the car and drive to you.
Cheers in advance legends,


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #1 on: 22-Jun-20, 17:40 »
I spotted your post on the US forum before I saw you have a thread here and I've left you a reply in more detail there.

You need to neutralise the acid and then dry the tank with metho followed by WD spray.


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #2 on: 22-Jun-20, 17:59 »
Mins Man on the forum (Harry) lives in Melbourne and has done a few of his own tanks. Not sure if he is willing to do anybody else’s tank but it may be worth asking him.



Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #3 on: 22-Jun-20, 18:41 »
Tank for witch model, I have a few tanks here for Euros
"Young" Les F


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #4 on: 23-Jun-20, 08:47 »
You mentioned trying to seal it with a special paint , , what was that ??   I'm just curious.

I have a tank I'm going to clean out , I'm not sure what is in it but there is a huge amount of it.  Fortunately so far no signs of leaks.


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #5 on: 25-Jun-20, 11:39 »
Thanks again @CX PHREAK
@Seagrass i’ll message Harry and see what the go is there 👍🏽
@Onetrack i believe it’s a euro, yes where are you located? (Scratch that I’ve just seen, bummer)
And @308GTSi i saw a youtube video that used a similar method using a metal cover paint that inhibits rust but i think my issue was not neutralising the acid well enough before coating and drying. I used sca’s metal cover epoxy enamel paint...


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #6 on: 25-Jun-20, 12:02 »
Acetone should strip that paint out.

 In my opinion the only tank liner worth a cracker is Por 15.

My 500C tank was done 12 years ago and is still good.

 I recently did another tank with the remainder so it has a good shelf life if stored properly.

If you're going to line skip the WD spray I mentioned in my last post.


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #7 on: 25-Jun-20, 12:20 »
Por 15 is an import yes?

I have tried the wd40 to no avail, but i’m wondering if the 2 issues causing the most grief weren’t a) inadequate neutralising of acid & b) speed of completion.

I still thank you for the guide though!


Re: Fuel tank trouble
« Reply #8 on: 25-Jun-20, 12:34 »
Paint supplies stocks Por 15 products if you have one in Melbourne.

As for the flash rust after derusting, neutralising is key.

I had to leave a tank neutralising for two days and even though the neutralising solution came out orange the tank didn't flash rust. I then rinsed it out with a mix of acetone and metho, but metho alone will do. This also leaves the tank liner ready - assuming you have removed all fuel residue.

I remove the residue before the derusting as residue can put a film over the rust, protecting it from the vinegar. A solution of caustic salts truck wash will remove fuel residue.


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