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white knight

Just Typical
« Started on: 17-May-20, 07:18 »
Isn't life cruel sometimes-During the 6 week lockdown in NZ the Tooth Fairy would not let us ride our bikes,it was considered a dangerous pastime and an accident would take up a valuable hospital bed that was being reserved in case of a serious outbreak of C-19 (but really Jacinda,2000 spare beds) the weather during this time was just beautiful,bright sunny days,very little wind and temps around 24deg (celsius Victor)-Last Thursday Unzud came out of lockdown,in Northland is has blown a hooley and rain squalls for Africa ever since,where is the justice. :boohoo: :boohoo:


Re: Just Typical
« Reply #1 on: 17-May-20, 08:21 »
Shes a perla day here in Taranaki. Might have to take both bikes out for a ride later ....


Re: Just Typical
« Reply #2 on: 17-May-20, 10:01 »
Geez, Chris, 24C and I'd be getting out the AC......high f'cast today is 16C.....it will get back down to a more reasonable 12C by Friday..... rolleye0012

Sounds like its tough living in one of the world's finest countries that seems to have beaten CV-19.... happy0007

We'll swap you Trump for Jacinda....... happy0062

white knight

Re: Just Typical
« Reply #3 on: 18-May-20, 06:04 »
South Easterlies really hit us up here Muzza,been going on for days now,I'm over it.-Jacinda is a bit of a flake Victor,as for the rest of her mob,just hopeless.Problem is they might just get back in come November and then her popularity might suffer dramatically.


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