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VIN number check problem
« Started on: 22-Apr-20, 18:04 »
Hey Guys,

Can someone help me? I wanna buy my donor bike and I'm trying to do a VIN check to make it is all clear but every website asks for a 17 digit VIN. It is 1978 CX 500 and I only has 12digits right? with the dash (CX500-xxxxxxx). Anyone did a VIN check and know where I can do it? Cheers


Re: VIN number check problem
« Reply #1 on: 22-Apr-20, 18:28 »
As another Victorian, I'm interested in this too.


Re: VIN number check problem
« Reply #2 on: 22-Apr-20, 20:41 »
In Australia 17 digit VINs were introduced on 1 January 1989 - prior to that date the VIN was known as the chassis number (ie, the frame number for motorcycles).


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