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Paint for Front Engine Hangers - CX650
« Started on: 08-Feb-20, 13:02 »
Halfway through a Triple BP and have been delighted by the condition of the internals.  It appears that the only wear item that I need to replace is the camchain.  However, the cast front engine hangers are a fairly uniform, though unattractive shade of iron oxide.  I'm unsure why they have deteriorated so badly whilst surrounding frame and engine parts have escaped the ravages of time (or grime, or?).  I'm wondering what the original finish was and/or what others have successfully used.  Also, what priming or rust conversion is recommended?   


Re: Paint for Front Engine Hangers - CX650
« Reply #1 on: 08-Feb-20, 15:03 »
My {500} hangers are fabricated steel - not cast.

But I've always just etch primed them and painted them with engine enamel.


Re: Paint for Front Engine Hangers - CX650
« Reply #2 on: 08-Feb-20, 17:32 »
The CX650 engine hangers were cast iron (as you have found) and I suspect they were never under coated with a good quality primer which has resulted in nearly all of them ending up rusty.

I would treat the rust with rust converter (phosphoric acid) and then paint with one of the commercially available “kilrust” black paints. White Knight make a kilrust black that stays nice and black but it is a gloss finish and some people prefer a satin finish.



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