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CX400 Euro - wiring diagram
« Started on: 14-Nov-20, 12:39 »

I'm sure this has been asked previously but after having a quick look on here, can't seem to find a thread relating. I've seen the wiring diagram from the manual but the resolution isn't the best so was hoping to find a readable/printable wiring diagram for the 1982 CX400 Euro.

I'm changing the dash and head-light at the moment.

Thanks all



Re: CX400 Euro - wiring diagram
« Reply #2 on: 18-Nov-20, 00:39 »

Wiring Diagrams for Australian CX500s and CX650 - You may need to refer to the diagrams for the CX500 Sports and the CX650 Eurosport models ...


Re: CX400 Euro - wiring diagram
« Reply #3 on: 18-Nov-20, 11:38 »
Thanks heaps, appreciated!


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