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1978 CX500 - Clutch Cable Routing (and options?)
« Started on: 13-Nov-19, 00:02 »
Currently my bike has the clutch cable routed as shown in the photo below.  It is not very neat and I'm wondering whether there is an alternative route that keeps it fully functional, protected, and neatly out of the way. 
The second picture below shows the FSM cable routing diagram for my model.  The lower routing of the cable is obscured by the radiator shroud, so it's unclear what is intended.  Does anyone know the correct factory routing?  Or, perhaps, a good alternative that has served them well? 


often times the cable is not the correct one for your model , so has been re-routed to make it fit . Ensuring you have the model-specific cable allows you to route it as per the diagram.


mine is similarly routed but yours looks somewhat longer.....-I used a few (loose) cable ties to keep the cable away from the headers/hot surfaces.

You seem to be missing the wire-stay at the tank grommet-but that's been appropriately replaced with a cable tie.

Take your point about the blind-space behind the shroud-maybe others can shed light..........


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