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David Oakley

Raesan ignition
« Started on: 14-Oct-19, 17:42 »
Hi everyone, this question has probably been answered before but I don't know where to look. Can a RaeSan ignition kit be fitted with the engine still in the frame? Thanks.


Re: Raesan ignition
« Reply #1 on: 14-Oct-19, 18:37 »
A definite yes on the non hall kit.

 The hall kit requires the hall equipment to be fitted under the advance cover.  Supposedly possible with the engine in or part removed but I'd remove the motor to have a clear view when setting the timing.


Re: Raesan ignition
« Reply #2 on: 14-Oct-19, 20:42 »
^^ What he said. I would find it easier and probably quicker to drop the motor from the frame and work in clear space vs. contorting hands/tools around in the small space behind the motor and not having an easy and clear view of the timing for setting it properly.

This may be of interest:


David Oakley

Re: Raesan ignition
« Reply #3 on: 17-Oct-19, 07:19 »
Thanks for the info people, I thought I might be able to fit it without the dramas of engine removal but as you say there's not much room to work with it in the frame.


Re: Raesan ignition
« Reply #4 on: 26-Oct-19, 20:20 »
dont let dropping the engine scare you with practice you can drop it on the ground in 15 minutes but i admit it takes longer to re fit it lol but it really is a very simple job . im always amazed when even experienced mechanics seem to think the cx engine is complicated when in fact it would be one of the easiest bikes / engines to work on .good luck


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