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David Oakley

Water pump
« Started on: 04-Nov-19, 17:09 »
Gday, I've got my engine out to fit a Raesan ignition and thought I should replace water pump seals at the same time as it has been leaking slightly. Can anyone tell me what parts are needed and where to get them? Thanks in advance.


Re: Water pump
« Reply #1 on: 04-Nov-19, 17:21 »
Not the definitive answer you seek "grasshopper".(retro humour)...I leave the actual list to the gurus/others recently doing the same repair-but general advice-I would suggest replacing all seals and O-rings/gaskets in the disturbed area after making sure all parts you will disturb are going to be replaceable.....

Not much point in a extensive tear down-only to find many parts are cast/moulded from "unobtainium"..... 2sad

David Oakley

Re: Water pump
« Reply #2 on: 04-Nov-19, 17:37 »
My point is, what do I need to parts do I need to source before pulling said water pump apart?


Re: Water pump
« Reply #3 on: 04-Nov-19, 18:38 »
Depends. Are you doing a complete mech seal replacement or just replacing the guts of the seal.

If just replacing the guts you'll need an O ring for the chrome coolant tube and a new O ring for the coolant pumpcover along with the mech seal. The copper sealing washer should also be replaced but if in good order can be reannealed.

 If doing the complete seal replacement add a rear cover gasket and the 2 O rings on the coolant galleries between the block and rear cover. Also the oil seal for the back of the camshaft. Might also be time to consider the state of your stator, camchain + tensioner components and starter clutch.


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