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Brake Caliper Piston
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Re: Brake Caliper Piston
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If you don't get an expert's reply, poking around on the CMSNL site might give you the answer:


I'd guess JC knows, though......and where best to source the part also.



Re: Brake Caliper Piston
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Have a browse through the parts fiches:


There's three different size pistons used in the 500s - single side single pot uses the biggest (43mm), dual side single pot the middle size (38mm?) and dual side dual pot the smallest (30/32mm, I forget which). Neither of those models will be dual side dual pot.

From memory the Deluxe was single pot, single side - so... 43mm - and the AU CX500B should be single pot dual side, so 38mm or whichever the middle size is - so I'm guessing no go.


Re: Brake Caliper Piston
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Think your right JC. Different part# Why are they selling as a pair when the CX500D '81 only has 1 brake caliper?


Re: Brake Caliper Piston
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You want 38 mm for twin disc Jeremy.

The listing includes CX500 as they use {one} of these pistons but the CX listing has likely been tacked onto the CB900 etc listing by part number alone.


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