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Differential Pinion
« Started on: 02-Oct-19, 11:33 »
Hi Guys

I am rebuilding a Honda CX500
I pulled the differential out and the splines on the final drive flange where dry and worn
So I decided to overhaul the whole diff assembly
I stripped it all down and the only bearings I can't get are the two tapered  pinion bearings numbers NTN 30205C and NTN 30203C and speaking to my local bearing supplier the "C" is very important as these bearings have a steeper angle than a standard 30205/3 tapered bearing and are specifically designed for differential bearings to handle the heavier thrust

I also noticed that the pinion bearings are greyed out in the Honda spare parts manual
So question "Does anybody know where to source these bearings?"
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Re: Differential Pinion
« Reply #1 on: 02-Oct-19, 19:18 »
It looks like every supplier on Google has them without the "C".

I've only ever had to change the seal on one of these.


Re: Differential Pinion
« Reply #2 on: 02-Oct-19, 21:30 »
Does the angle matter if both parts of the bearing are being replaced?

 I think more the question is how this effects the stack height of the bearing assembly.


Re: Differential Pinion
« Reply #3 on: 03-Oct-19, 06:44 »
Yeah Guys those "C" bearings are pretty rare and I found one 30205C in the USA with postage it was going to cost close to $100 couldn't find any 30203C bearings anywhere
The steeper angle of the "C" bearing is there to handle the extra trust of a differential. I could use the standard bearing with maybe a shorter lifetime but I would probably have to alter the shimming in the pinion
Really on this rebuild I have replaced every bearing and these are the last two to be replaced so I thought I wouldn't skimp I do have a spare diff that is in not bad nic from a monoshock model I think I will just use the parts out of that


Re: Differential Pinion
« Reply #4 on: 03-Oct-19, 13:35 »
What conditions are the bearings in? If both races and the rollers have perfect surfaces, as they may well have, then I'd thoroughly clean them and reinstall them. They are well dimensioned and could last indefinitely as long as they continue to run in clean oil.

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Re: Differential Pinion
« Reply #5 on: 04-Oct-19, 07:47 »
Yeah Guys
That's what I will have to do
The Crown bearings were pretty noisy and I have new ones to replace them
The pinion bearings I will be able to be clean up and grease and refit
It would have bee nice to replace all the bearing in the diff
I guess these bikes are getting old


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