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white knight

A Cheapy For Harry
« Started on: 03-Oct-19, 09:31 »

An example of buying new and putting away until it appreciates-I cant believe it sold for the $ it did

white knight

Re: A Cheapy For Harry
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Re: A Cheapy For Harry
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Mind boggling isn't it, just mind boggling!

Mins Man

Re: A Cheapy For Harry
« Reply #3 on: 03-Oct-19, 16:14 »
Gee thanks for thinking of me Chris, but obviously the bike is jinxed with the owner carking it just after buying it. He managed to put it in a frame before it happened though.
Reading the questions about putting it on the road makes me think that Unzud might have the same regulations as here where these Ag bikes don't have a compliance plate fitted....makes it a bloody expensive farm bike.


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