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CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues
« Started on: 27-Jul-19, 12:38 »
Hoping some advice from the gurus will help me understand what steps to take to rectify the issues I’m having with the starter motor.  I purchased my CX500 a couple of years ago and fell in love with it instantly. It’s my first road motorbike and it puts a smile on my face everyone I get out on it.

Recently when trying to fire up the old girl the starter motor would turn over but then make a spinning noise.  I kept monitoring it for a while and after a few attempts it would always start but wanted to address the problem.  I assumed this meant I needed to rebuild the starter so I took it off to have a look and noticed it was pretty filthy inside.  I got a local shop to order in a rebuild kit and decided to let them do the rebuild.  When I picked it up though the issue hadn’t been resolved. It still didn’t want to fire up and the spinning noise continued. The mechanic suggested it may be an issue where the starter goes in to the engine  which would require the engine to be dropped out.

I turned it on this morning and it fired up beautifully first shot.  I turned it off again while I opened up the shed to get it out and then when I went to start it again the started motor just made the spinning noise and didn’t sound like it wanted to fire up at all.

Any ideas on what this may be?  Any advice is hugely appreciated.

Cheers, Ryan

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Re: CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues
« Reply #1 on: 27-Jul-19, 13:49 »
OK Ryan,

First things first, welcome to the forum.

Permit me to say that it may well be you starter clutch that has started to fail, and not your starter motor.
When the starter motor spins it engages with another gear and this in turn spins the motor - this gear is attached and involves some springs and bars and caps - which you may have found out from the non-engagement that one or more of the springs is weak, and the caps can also get stuck, causing the mechanism not to engage with your crank. This sometimes manifests itself into a non operating bike.

The simple answer is to drop the motor and replace the caps/springs/rollers, and hope the pounding on the crank has not damaged it.



Re: CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues
« Reply #2 on: 27-Jul-19, 19:20 »
Ryan welcome to the forum.

We have another forum member in Cairns (Onetrack) who owns a CX650 is very familiar with the starter clutch and what can go wrong.

Maybe you can send him a PM (personal message) to see if he may be able and willing to catch up.



Re: CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues
« Reply #3 on: 28-Jul-19, 14:24 »
Thanks for the reply, I’ll look in to the starter clutch issue. Sounds like there may be someone local to Cairns who can share some knowledge with me.


Re: CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues
« Reply #4 on: 28-Jul-19, 14:25 »
Thanks Seagrass!  I’ll try get in touch with Onetrack.


Re: CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues
« Reply #5 on: 29-Jul-19, 07:53 »
I have replied to RLDR and advised in the first place to do the starter mod as this is simple, quick and does not require engine out.
Once again thanks Joe for bring this to our attention.

"Young" Les F


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