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Mins Man

Hmmm.......I dunno Ray. It says in the ad that it can hold up to 500kg. That's a lot of weight to be hanging off the back of your car.
Being the world's best pessimist I wouldn't take the risk of using this for a heavy bike.
And can you imagine loading/unloading a CX on this thing by yourself?   :crash:


I don't want a CX's weight + 29kg of support weight on my tow receiver... I think the max the VE auto is rated to is ~210kg of downforce and 2100kg of tow weight so it's not far above that but the driving dynamics would be awful. I don't think I've ever packed a trailer so front-heavy as to exceed about half that in down-weight on the towball...


the verified purchases reviews on ebay suggest people are using similar products for KTM990s.
(I am assuming the review isn't from the sellers brother...lol)

Would have to agree about the doubts of having 230kg over the "tow ball"- (that's like 3 adult passengers or 1 sumo on that back bumper) might make that car weave a bit.....

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Probably agree,

I think you would be stretching your friendship with the car.

I remember Harold having one of these, not sure what vehicle it was attached to, but I think he was loading/unloading a BMW from it and went base over apex. Causing a bit of damage to the bike and not helping himself in the process.

Apart from the weight factor - my main concern is the relatively steep angle loading//unloading. Plus the forces of acceleration and braking would have on the bike itself.

I can see it is tied down so no movement either way when loaded but nothing to stop it going forward or backward with momentum.. I reckon it could move on a sudden braking action.

That could be dangerous - maybe OK for a trail bike - anything above a 250cc I reckon you would be asking for trouble,

Mins Man

As usual Charlie, your memory is defective.
What Harold had was a lawn mowing trailer that I had modified the ramp that was used to put the mower onto the front of the trailer.
He had a 500mm wide ramp to load and unload his bike and still managed to fall off the bloody thing. :crash:


Not sure if it's the same design but we followed a Jeep with a KTM RC8 on a tow bar carrier for a short distance on the Hume Highway last year and while the bike was well secured to the rack the setup as a whole didn't look particularly secure - not sure if the driver was aware of how much movement/play there was ...
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I think they meant 500 lb but who knows with advertising..... But if it could carry 500kg I definitely reckon my front tyres would be off the ground.
I dont know of anything of 500kg a 2” towbar would carry.

It says
“Constructed of weather resistant epoxy powder coated tubular steel, this heavy duty hauler can hold up to 500KG and features a loading ramp carried on the hitch.”



I confirmed with Sunyee that it is 500lb not 500kg. They have fixed it.

Mins Man

500lb is 227kg which I think is less than what a CX weighs.
In any case it's still more weight that I would like to have hanging off a 5cm square tube on the back of my car.


A CX500 is 200kg dry..

Mins Man

Euros and Turbos aren't.  2smiley


Aren’t under 200kg dry or under 227 kg wet?


Another Motorbike rack... home-made
« Reply #13 on: 23-May-19, 00:42 »
I just recently finished the design and construction of a bike rack for our postie bike ('82 CT110) to go on the back of our Transit van.
It's a hinged swing-out design so we can open the rear doors without taking the bike off, and to work on the bike sitting on a chair from both sides :)
The hinge is the limiting factor, as it deflects/springs the (tubular) bumper bar its's fitted to. It's perfectly happy with the 100kg postie and my 90kg weight on the very end - but that's the limit of the bumper bar, not the bike rack. It also rests on the tow bar and the other end of the bumper bar when stowed for travel.
Thought it may be of interest. Down side: you have to lift one end of the bike on at a time. No issue with a postie bike or a modern enduro or motocross bike, but I wouldn't even contemplate that with a CX....

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