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Tappet Cover Lip.
« Started on: 16-Dec-18, 16:53 »
What use does the lip on the tappet cover bolt serve? From my obviation it there so you can't over tighten the bolt. Why I'm asking the question I have euro bolts that are longer to the
stop but same thread and slightly longer in length. Any other reason why I can't modify this bolt to fit with a lip grind and shorten and maybe m6x 1.0 tapped thread ,plus pointed tip for location?



Re: Tappet Cover Lip.
« Reply #1 on: 17-Dec-18, 04:39 »
you cant use 650 bolts with a 500 cover . The 650 cover is slightly taller - hence the longer bolt.

 The ring on the bolt is to stop over-tightening and distorting the centre of the cover

If you use the 650 bolt on the 500 cover you wont be able to pull the cover down enough to seal on the o-ring.

Get some 500 bolts , its not as if they are suddenly rare or unobtainable


Re: Tappet Cover Lip.
« Reply #2 on: 17-Dec-18, 13:42 »
When you say the 650 bolts are longer do you really mean the Euro bolts are longer?
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