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just moved office and we're now right on the melbourne east link and so it makes for an easy commute on the CX.
however, feels a tad harsh to crank the beastie up to ~100 on the return trip when the old girl has barely woken up.
keen to hear your thoughts on if any warm-up regime needs to be applied and if so what.


I like to start mine and let them sit at a fast idle while I put my jacket and helmet and gloves on . Thats usually a couple of minutes , and is usually adequate. How long do you let your car warm up before you fang off at highway speed?


In theory, engine should attain normal operating temperature before making high demands on its performance, and I believe that point is indicated when the temp gauge needle has reached the beginning of the thick white line.  So, if that's what is indicated on the gauge when you enter the on-ramp, you're good to go!


It has been a long time since I read the owners manual of my 1981 CX500 so I do not remember what it says to do reagarding warming the engine.

Having said that I have always been told/taught to drive sensibly until the coolant is up to normal operating temperature. In the case of the CX500 engine I would suggest “sensibly” would be up to around 5,500-6,000RPM.

As the CX500 has a thermostat the coolant around the engine will quickly get to operating temperature (I am guessing less than 5 minutes and probably as low as 2 to 3 minutes). Once the coolant around the engine gets up to temperature the thermostat then opens and gradually allows coolant to flow through the system resulting in all of the coolant reaching the same temperature.

If it was my bike I would start the engine, put on my riding gear and then jump on the bike and ride it not exceeding 5,500- 6,000 RPM until the temperature gauge is reading normal. This should even allow you to ride at 100Km/h as that is around 5,500 RPM.



I just looked at three different Owner's Manuals; 1979, 1981 Custom, and 1982, and they all say of the Coolant Temperature Gauge:

"Normal operating temperature is within the wide white band"

They indicate that the engine should be idling normally without choke or throttle.  Perhaps there is no harm to be done if the engine is driven whilst cold (as long as the oil is flowing), but combustion will be poor and erratic.


most older rider handbooks suggest "avoiding excessive warm up/idling".....

I live in a coastal town where 100km/hr zone is about 1 block away..... 2smiley..so can understand where you are coming from.

Unfortunately the CX revs high at 100km/hr.
I tend to let the bike warm up a few minutes-while donning riding gear as others have stated, but then I keep the revs low for about 5-10km, this may involve going at 80km vs 100kmhr initially. :unsure:
Wouldn't rev to 7000+ until the bikes done at least 60km (maybe overly cautious?).

Synthetic oil/semi synthetic might be advantageous in situations like this.... (?) I wont start "an oil thread", but I'm using Motorex semi-synth 15-50W which I got at a bargain price......a local mechanic I use from time to tme decants from his bulk drum at less then half retail


Thanks for all the inputs - appreciated.
starting the engine before donning all my gear is the go - takes me ages nowadays !


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