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Almost good to go!
« Started on: 02-Mar-17, 11:53 »
Well I've been having fun with The department of transport over the registration issues sorted now.
Getting the bike ready for rego have sourced most of the stuff i need.

I'm after a fairing lower center piece if anyone has one?
Removed the rear end to inspect the prolink has one worn collar 52475-MA1-000 COLLAR, CONN ROD
has anyone managed to source a replacement alternative? no one has them that i can find.

Cleaning the gold comstars was fun ended up soda blasting the anodised rims which worked well without damaging them. I had to repaint the hubs and fork sliders super cheap have the gold paint code in there system it's not an exact match but close.
New Metzeler Lazertec tyres fitted.

Sorted out my intermittent running gremlin, ignition switch main power red wire broken on the solder joint poor contact.
Spent a whole day freeing up the turbo wastegate.
Removing the exhausts revealed blowby erosion damage to the exhaust header flange had to TIG up the missing metal and re surface.
sand blasting the mufflers revealed some rust holes and i had to get an exhaust shop to manufacture a new muffler to header flange welded up the new flange and rust holes and repaint. Long term ill need to source replacement mufflers
Fitted new regulator and repaired the fried charging system wiring charging like a wounded bull now!

Next is fuel tank repair and Braking system :)

If anyone has info on Mufflers, prolink and fairing part it would be appreciated



Re: Almost good to go!
« Reply #1 on: 09-Mar-17, 17:57 »
Sounds like you are going great guns with this bike... :)


Re: Almost good to go!
« Reply #2 on: 09-Mar-17, 19:28 »
Take the Pro-link collar to a local machinist who should be able to turn you up a new one for <$50... I had a whole set done for $75, though the guy was incredibly slow (5 months...) so I'd be happy to pay more for someone who actually delivers work on time.


Re: Almost good to go!
« Reply #3 on: 22-Nov-19, 07:41 »
I personally haven't had good experience with Pro Link so I wouldn't recommend it


Re: Almost good to go!
« Reply #4 on: 22-Nov-19, 12:42 »
I have lower centre fairing pieces!
PM me with your address and we'll work out price and postage.



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