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Nolan N102 Side Plate
« Started on: 19-Sep-16, 07:20 »
I’ve managed to lose the side plate off my Nolan N102; no joy on the normal web sites for Nolan parts, anyone have any sources for Nolan parts?


Re: Nolan N102 Side Plate
« Reply #1 on: 19-Sep-16, 15:43 »
Eurobike Wholesale in New Plymouth are the importers for Nolan helmets , but my experience with them is that they are useless. I lost one of the front face air inlet covers on my Nolan N-90 helmet , and tried twice via my local Honda shop parts department  to source a new cover . Eurobike were adamant that my model helmet was  from the 1990s and long discontinued , wouldnt listen when I quoted the model number and date of manufacture (2014).

Then I tried dealing with the California Nolan main agent via the email , that was a waste of time , they couldnt get off their bums to even have a look and finally stopped replying ...

And then - I was doing a deal on a book from VC3 ( Victor ) in the US and he asked how my search was going . He was able to contact a Nolan dealer , who supplied a set of  vent covers and frames , and some seals , and supplied them for free. Amazing .

So - long winded story , Paul - contact Victor and see what he can come up with.


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