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copper gaskets
« Started on: 09-Jan-14, 19:49 »
prior to selling the turbo i had ordered some copper gaskets from the states on ebay..
this is the address if anyone would like to have a look.  i didnt get to install them i have left this to ben.
Honda CX 500 650 Turbo Copper Gasket 032 81mm Thick | eBay

have a look at the others he has, i purchased this one, the gasket for the header pipe to turbo connection and the the two gaskets for the two connections from the heads



Re: copper gaskets
« Reply #1 on: 09-Jan-14, 21:01 »
Thanks for the link Ian they look cheap.

I purchased a set of head gaskets and exhaust and turbo gaskets from the US some time ago and I am sure I paid about $180 for the set. It looks like these are the same ones but from a different supplier.

I think I will order another set of exhaust and turbo gaskets as I still have the head gaskets



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