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Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #225 on: 11-Aug-15, 23:32 »
Well I have some goodies which have either arrived recently, or which I haven't posted on here as yet.

What it says

A button and some LED lights (for efan conversion)

RFID kit

Lovely undamaged rear wheel hub.

and a very good condition drive spline thingy to go with it.

Rocking horse poo

(aka CX650 camshaft cover, to be used on my 500 as I cut the cam shaft back for the efan conversion)

Not sure if I posted these before.  Motosynthesis spoke hub adapters

I wanted to get rid of the Honda emblem in the clutch cover, but not spend a fortune. A generous forum member managed to get it to this stage for me.

Unfortunately there is some pitting / inclusions perhaps from the filling weld.  Not sure if sanding this back will help.  Probably can't hurt.....

Also made a start on some polishing (well, really it probably only qualifies as cleaning so far - lots of work though.  PaulF you have my utter admiration)

then I went out and bought this, but haven't opened it yet.

Oh, and something super nice is expected in the mail in the next week or so.  I'll post when it gets here but keep you in suspense in the meantime.

Meanwhile I've also been doing some stuff on my Land Rover.  So been busy of late.


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #226 on: 18-Oct-15, 11:04 »
Well, I've got other things pressing to do on the Suzuki so the Honda has been taking a back seat....

I do things here and there where I can sneak them in.

As I think I have previously posted  photo of the peeling / scratched calipers - all sorts of horrible, plus I wanted to file them down to remove the "Honda" logo on them.

After some wonderful work by: http://www.robertoscustompowder.com.au/gallery-moto/

The result:

Mmmmm, Shiny !


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #227 on: 09-Mar-16, 10:36 »
Does anyone know anything more of this bike - ideally links to a build thread etc?

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The image description appears as "CX500 8 negro".


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #228 on: 09-Mar-16, 11:38 »
That's Rone's bike.  Is a member of this forum though is not as active as he used to be.  There should be some info on the forum if you search through some really old build threads.  Go back to around 2008-2009 I reckon.


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #229 on: 09-Mar-16, 16:15 »
Thanks Staffy - it' the rear guard treatment I'm interested in.  2smiley

edit: All I could find was this  https://www.australiancx.asn.au/forum/index.php?topic=1845.0

edit2: Just saw this clip in the last post of that thread..... pretty helpful.

Now to find a suitable guard.  sign0182


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #230 on: 12-Mar-16, 21:49 »
Oh dear.... inventorying parts and there seems to be something missing..... can't find the bastard anywhere! sign0161


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #231 on: 13-Sep-16, 21:33 »
Well it's been a busy few years and various life dramas ongoing... I just realised that the bike has now not been started for >4 years ! 
I really need to get off my arse and get this thing moving....

Figuratively and literally.


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #232 on: 05-Dec-16, 13:09 »
Well the plan is to head over to my Uncle's place on Wednesday, CX500 in ute, to talk turkey.  He's a Very good panel beater by trade (now retired) and has agreed to help me with the bike - mainly the fabricating and welding that will need doing. 1st thing to sort will be the side cover mounts.

Oh there's also the matter of the tank for which I have a lots of evil ideas... just need parts, $ etc....


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #233 on: 08-Dec-16, 16:13 »
Bike is at my Uncle's and we spent a while cogitating over various things.

I'm a bit worried how I'm going to do the side cover mounts as my highly expensive and purty cone locator thingos (bottom of photo) don't allow enough room between the pods and any prospective 'bracket' to fit.  Not happy Jan....

Perhaps I can spin the pods so they angle in a bit. Won't look as pretty but won't really matter as they are behind the sidecovers anyway....

Hmmm.  These things are sent to try us.

But peeved the bike is all in bits will make working out the rear guard more difficult (although by no means impossible)
Lesson learned on that count.

Need to find a rear guard that can me made to suit.  Mark (cxphreak) used a modded CM250 guard which might be good except that I can't find one anywhere.
Now if I could only find my stock rear guard that'd be a start!

We are thinking we MIGHT be able to fab up some nice engine protection bars similar to...

These particular ones are from a CDI bike and won't fit the TAI (mine) which lacks the rear engine mount.. on the engine. However we are thinking that some fancy engineering may allow us to mount the rear to the bike frame where the engine hanger attaches on the earlier bikes.

So much to do, it's hard to know where to begin and what order to attack things....


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #234 on: 24-Jan-18, 11:49 »
Oh bugger time flies.  This means my bike has been sitting at my Uncle's place for 12 months with no progress, He's probably sick of looking at it.  I really need to do something about this !!!!!!


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #235 on: 24-Jan-18, 15:41 »
just in case - cm400 and cm250 are the same bike - just different versions of the engine -
might help if you are looking for that guard as CX phreaks came from my parts pile - as had a cm250 st one stage in the shed.

I'll keep an eye out in the shed - there might be something still lurking around somewhere



Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #236 on: 25-Jan-18, 15:52 »
Thanks I actually found a (new 'generic' guard)which will do the job I want, now it's just a matter of modifying the rear subframe to suit.  Sounds easy but first I have to put the wheel back on etc etc ...


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #237 on: 13-Nov-18, 20:40 »
Well the bad news is I have made the decision to sell this "unfinished project" due to financial pressures.
Now that the decision has been made I'll need to drag everything out and photograph it etc... and work out a price....   


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #238 on: 15-Nov-18, 16:54 »
All the best Mate!

Cass. Prayer


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #239 on: 16-Nov-18, 19:14 »
Ive still got the Suzuki so still up for a ride anytime.


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #240 on: 21-Nov-18, 12:42 »
Vlad:  Presumably you want a polished clutch cover, sans le logo, otherwise you could just fill-in the low bits with "bog", and then grind down the high bits, then paint it.  I assume your friend had used some inert-gas type welding to fill in around the "HONDA" letters, but I wonder if aluminium solder/brazing might do the trick?  If the special alloy solder/brazing rods are compatible with the type of metal used for the clutch cover, then it may well be a viable method, which only requires a MAP-gas torch.  The principle is that the rod melts before the aluminium of the part worked on.  I've used this technology to fill holes I had made in an alloy rim, and, if done properly, is hard to distinguish the filler from the base metal.


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #241 on: 02-Jan-19, 15:49 »

Once again the project is on hold (or continued hold you might say) due to financial considerations and a wife who just doesn't "get it"   rollingpin0.gif    lmao


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #242 on: 02-Jan-19, 16:06 »
Well, Vlad, here's where you need some grandfatherly advice.
This is important... just remember that:

1: Wives ALMOST NEVER 'get it'. (I've got one that does... I consider myself blessed!)
2: Old bikes, unlike wives, never die. -Think long-term mate, think long-term.
3: Don't sell the project.
4: Wives may come and go (hopefully more cuming (sic) than going!) but a bike will never desert you... yes it may fail you now and again but it will never cheat on you.
5: Don't sell the project.
6: Don't sell the project.
7: Put the wife up on ebay... you never know your luck!


Re: Vlad's CX500 - Project "notaguzzi"
« Reply #243 on: 12-Mar-19, 13:14 »
and now she tells me to sell it.

It's shame I've been trying and no luck ;)  rolleye0012


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