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Circuit Diagrams (Wiring diagrams)

Started by VladTepes on 22-Dec-16, 16:01

Last post 31-Dec-16, 09:20
by madmechanic
Aftermarket Ignition Systems

Started by VladTepes on 22-Dec-16, 13:33

Last post 22-Dec-16, 13:33
by VladTepes
How to Use a Multimeter

Started by VladTepes on 22-Dec-16, 12:17

Last post 22-Dec-16, 12:17
by VladTepes
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RayModule floating around?

Started by Canada_Dry on 03-Dec-20, 12:46

Last post 03-Dec-20, 12:46
by Canada_Dry
Circuit diagram never seen.

Started by Dr Don on 24-Sep-16, 17:05

Last post 09-Apr-20, 09:42
by kazdeluxe
carby rubbers

Started by roghor on 31-Aug-19, 16:38

Last post 31-Aug-19, 21:45
Last post 21-Jul-19, 14:29
by fab
Last post 10-Feb-19, 16:35
Last post 24-Sep-18, 19:51
by madmechanic
V3.0 Rae-San sneak peak

Started by Rayman on 25-Jan-17, 16:37

Last post 25-Jan-17, 16:37
by Rayman

Started by gainz on 16-Jan-17, 18:24

Last post 17-Jan-17, 23:54
by Bert63
Electrical gremlins 1982 Eurosport

Started by billowens on 17-Oct-16, 19:16

Last post 14-Dec-16, 14:32
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Last post 12-Dec-16, 07:01
by madmechanic
Headlight Assys. Square H4

Started by ericclapham on 06-Dec-16, 21:51

Last post 09-Dec-16, 10:52
by ericclapham
CX500B suddenly stopped and now no spark

Started by Hoges on 09-Nov-16, 11:33

Last post 09-Nov-16, 13:21
by Seagrass
Replacement wiring loom

Started by VladTepes on 17-Mar-15, 16:15 « 1 2 »

Last post 21-Sep-16, 11:16
by hamilton
Replacement 7V Regulator From Germany

Started by muzza on 11-Sep-16, 04:56

Last post 11-Sep-16, 04:56
by muzza
faulty alternator...

Started by Spinnanz on 23-Jul-16, 09:34

Last post 07-Aug-16, 12:14
by Spinnanz
Electrical Problem - Starting

Started by RDM on 19-Jul-16, 13:46

Last post 07-Aug-16, 07:51
by RDM
No Spark

Started by FatFurryGuy on 15-Jul-16, 15:39

Last post 07-Aug-16, 07:12
by FatFurryGuy
CDI bike with no spark

Started by muzza on 28-Jul-16, 19:13

Last post 30-Jul-16, 20:36
by doddsy1000
Ignition switch wiring

Started by ginga jimmy on 21-Jul-16, 23:08

Last post 22-Jul-16, 16:09
by ginga jimmy
Last post 20-Jul-16, 16:08
by J.C.
Sparks & Arcs

Started by FatFurryGuy on 29-Jun-16, 18:11

Last post 30-Jun-16, 17:00
by muzza
Acceptable Voltage Drop

Started by white knight on 03-Apr-16, 06:06

Last post 06-Apr-16, 07:42
by white knight
Last post 26-Mar-16, 17:42
by Seagrass
Acewell 2853 (Chrome one)

Started by gregg on 03-Dec-15, 21:28

Last post 03-Mar-16, 14:55
by VladTepes
Spark Plug Caps- Differences?

Started by Dragonstaff on 22-Aug-14, 22:02

Last post 22-Feb-16, 20:59
by Seagrass
I.D. loom / ign switch please

Started by Joolstacho on 11-Feb-16, 14:07

Last post 12-Feb-16, 07:21
by white knight

Started by Dr Don on 07-May-08, 13:43 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 26-Jan-16, 20:43
by madmechanic
Question for Rayman

Started by jkjr7 on 26-Oct-15, 14:44

Last post 28-Oct-15, 03:36
by jkjr7
battery losing charge??

Started by ACE on 12-Oct-15, 09:17

Last post 21-Oct-15, 13:44
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Last post 19-Sep-15, 16:41
by Rayman
Last post 04-Aug-15, 21:31
by Seagrass
recent Raymodule build problem

Started by Rayman on 11-Dec-14, 09:52

Last post 24-Jun-15, 21:44
by Seagrass
Give us the gen on rec/regs

Started by Joolstacho on 23-Jun-15, 18:35

Last post 24-Jun-15, 06:43
by hamilton
Last post 11-May-15, 12:12
by Dr Don
Shadows.... tail light problems common?

Started by CX PHREAK on 07-May-15, 11:16

Last post 07-May-15, 22:29
by Seagrass
A Question For Rayman,Maybe

Started by white knight on 27-Apr-15, 09:55

Last post 29-Apr-15, 07:16
by white knight
Last post 07-Mar-15, 23:59
by Barocca
Online stator test now available

Started by J.C. on 24-Feb-15, 12:25 « 1 2 »

Last post 01-Mar-15, 07:57
by J.C.
OEM Style Wiring Supplies/Connectors/Tools

Started by VC3 on 30-Sep-13, 07:25

Last post 16-Feb-15, 16:27
by Camel

Started by white knight on 24-Jan-15, 07:15 « 1 2 »

Last post 31-Jan-15, 11:14
by hamilton
650 charging issue...a revisit

Started by ACE on 04-Jan-15, 22:04

Last post 09-Jan-15, 17:29
by mirboo72
Ray-San Hall effect

Started by Rayman on 01-Dec-14, 19:50

Last post 02-Dec-14, 11:46
by grod
Ignitech install problem

Started by Taipan on 03-Sep-14, 09:41 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 12-Nov-14, 18:50
by fran c
cx500 Stator/regulator (Doddsy's borrowed bike)

Started by doddsy1000 on 09-Oct-14, 21:38 « 1 2 »

Last post 25-Oct-14, 20:26
'82 CX400C simplified wiring diagram

Started by Jetblast on 21-Oct-14, 19:21

Last post 21-Oct-14, 19:21
by Jetblast
Wiring up an Acewell speedo.

Started by ezz315 on 27-Sep-14, 17:42

Last post 27-Sep-14, 21:31
by ezz315
Last post 25-Sep-14, 06:07
by Onetrack


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