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on 09-Apr-20, 09:42

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Larry's Guide to Rebuilding the CX/GL Carbs

Started by LRCXed on 13-May-10, 04:49 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 11-Dec-19, 14:01
by CXCafe
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Length of Camshaft Splines - CX650

Started by Barocca on 27-Jul-20, 14:03

Last post 27-Jul-20, 15:17
Frame Modifications and Registration

Started by Some_Doofus on 21-Jul-20, 18:03

Last post 27-Jul-20, 09:15
by Dragonstaff
Mirrors needs painting CX 650

Started by Zenawarrior on 25-Jun-20, 12:09

Last post 26-Jun-20, 18:11
by Zenawarrior
Last post 23-Jun-20, 17:55
by muzza
Final drive leak

Started by bahn88 on 31-May-20, 11:57

Last post 01-Jun-20, 17:38
by bahn88

Started by wirraway on 24-May-20, 22:24

Last post 25-May-20, 09:11
by wirraway
Last post 18-May-20, 07:10
by Onetrack
Front Cover O-Rings - Size Confusion

Started by Barocca on 10-Apr-20, 13:23

Last post 10-Apr-20, 14:02
by Seagrass

Started by wirraway on 02-Apr-20, 22:20

Last post 03-Apr-20, 22:08
by wirraway
Weird Sheared Bolt on Water Inlet

Started by Barocca on 26-Mar-20, 16:04

Last post 26-Mar-20, 17:29
by Seagrass
Last post 10-Mar-20, 04:19
by fran c
Last post 27-Feb-20, 17:56
Paint for Front Engine Hangers - CX650

Started by Barocca on 08-Feb-20, 13:02

Last post 08-Feb-20, 17:32
by Seagrass
cx500 custom frame

Started by kazdeluxe on 05-Feb-20, 18:25

Last post 08-Feb-20, 09:51
by kazdeluxe
Last post 26-Sep-19, 19:03
by Barocca
Temperature sender dimension (length)?

Started by bahn88 on 15-Sep-19, 14:24

Last post 16-Sep-19, 18:45
by bahn88
Broken Air Mixture Screws

Started by Barocca on 24-May-19, 12:45

Last post 15-Aug-19, 15:38
by finn_nz
Last post 07-Aug-19, 16:51
by Barocca
CX500 Performance Parts

Started by Logan on 01-Jul-19, 16:22

Last post 02-Jul-19, 10:11
by J.C.
Last post 30-Jun-19, 15:56
by VC3
Warning Sticker: How to paint around?

Started by Krisby on 24-Feb-19, 17:13

Last post 11-Mar-19, 12:29
by Krisby
carb cleaner

Started by kazdeluxe on 08-Jan-19, 21:48

Last post 15-Jan-19, 12:31
by jhovel
Did Honda use lead-based paint?

Started by Krisby on 10-Jan-19, 16:41

Last post 12-Jan-19, 16:40
by Krisby
Screw Size?

Started by Krisby on 25-Dec-18, 16:23

Last post 25-Dec-18, 21:09
by Krisby
What kind of black?

Started by Krisby on 17-Dec-18, 16:54

Last post 17-Dec-18, 16:54
by Krisby
Last post 07-Dec-18, 10:04
by VC3
What "pitch" is this stud-bolt?

Started by Krisby on 04-Dec-18, 10:33

Last post 05-Dec-18, 13:23
by Krisby
Ignition Coil Ground/Earth?

Started by Krisby on 23-Aug-18, 13:45

Last post 24-Nov-18, 17:58
by doddsy1000
Last post 22-Oct-18, 17:38
by mblc91
Why is it so?

Started by Krisby on 17-Oct-18, 16:58

Last post 18-Oct-18, 10:22
by Krisby
Engine Painting Problems....

Started by Krisby on 08-Oct-18, 12:45

Last post 10-Oct-18, 10:22
by Krisby
Electric Fan w/out truncating camshaft?

Started by Krisby on 05-Sep-18, 12:55 « 1 2 »

Last post 04-Oct-18, 16:34
by Krisby
Steering Bearings; Old Grease?

Started by Krisby on 24-Sep-18, 22:28

Last post 27-Sep-18, 16:19
by Krisby
Rubber cement/glue?

Started by Krisby on 22-Sep-18, 13:24

Last post 26-Sep-18, 08:17
by Rayman
CX650E Temp Gauge fix?

Started by mblc91 on 17-Sep-18, 12:02 « 1 2 »

Last post 25-Sep-18, 19:10
by Onetrack

Started by Krisby on 21-Sep-18, 16:51

Last post 24-Sep-18, 23:00
by Kathy
crankshaft thrust washer

Started by kazdeluxe on 21-Sep-18, 20:06

Last post 23-Sep-18, 13:00
by kazdeluxe
"Special Bolt"?

Started by Krisby on 16-Sep-18, 13:30

Last post 20-Sep-18, 21:23
by Krisby
At what temp to switch on eFan?

Started by Krisby on 09-Sep-18, 16:42

Last post 10-Sep-18, 13:15
by Krisby
Slow Reading Speedo

Started by pkay on 03-Sep-18, 13:21

Last post 04-Sep-18, 11:29
by fab
Coolant bottle

Started by jamesmac on 02-Sep-18, 12:46

Last post 02-Sep-18, 19:05
by Krisby
What is the Function of this Part?

Started by Barocca on 01-Sep-18, 22:10

Last post 02-Sep-18, 18:52
by Seagrass
Air Spoiler?

Started by Krisby on 29-Aug-18, 10:19

Last post 29-Aug-18, 13:29
by Krisby
Strange? Choke-pull Bracket

Started by Barocca on 23-Aug-18, 13:42

Last post 25-Aug-18, 16:36
by Krisby
What are these things?

Started by Krisby on 21-Aug-18, 16:44

Last post 23-Aug-18, 13:03
by Krisby
Last post 12-Aug-18, 11:25
by mblc91
Rear engine cover oil seal

Started by Bingoboy78 on 16-Jun-18, 21:13

Last post 07-Jul-18, 15:25
by Bingoboy78
What paint for brake disc/rotor?

Started by Krisby on 27-Jun-18, 16:05

Last post 28-Jun-18, 17:26
by Seagrass
CX500 rear fender/mudguard hole?

Started by Krisby on 18-Oct-17, 10:26

Last post 21-Jun-18, 12:52
by Krisby


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