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Polishing / Restoring Alloy

Started by Damo on 14-Feb-08, 19:04 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 28-Oct-12, 20:49
by VladTepes
Last post 19-Aug-11, 08:51
by Dr Don
Last post 12-Oct-10, 09:12
by Staffy
Last post 29-Mar-10, 12:08
by doddsy1000
Mechanical Seal

Started by wacxian on 31-Jul-07, 13:17 « 1 2 3 4 »

Last post 12-Dec-08, 14:33
by joethebike
Last post 19-Jul-08, 12:54
by Sidecar Bob
calling all guru's

Started by taffy on 29-Aug-07, 16:56

Last post 05-Oct-07, 11:17
by ozebob
Normal Topics
Last post 12-Feb-21, 19:14
by bahn88
Gasket Making

Started by hoadster on 19-Jan-21, 14:14

Last post 22-Jan-21, 12:45
by hoadster
Last post 06-Jan-21, 19:07
by Canada_Dry
Dash board removal

Started by Zenawarrior on 20-Dec-20, 18:39

Last post 22-Dec-20, 13:44
by Zenawarrior
CX 650 noise ?

Started by Zenawarrior on 11-Nov-20, 09:53

Last post 12-Nov-20, 18:31
by Zenawarrior
Help - Bike Runs Like Crap

Started by pkay on 24-Aug-16, 12:45

Last post 01-Nov-20, 20:17
by rjdownunder000
CX500/650E Front Indicators.

Started by ericclapham on 14-Jul-19, 13:12

Last post 14-Jul-19, 13:12
by ericclapham
78 cx 500 carbs

Started by daniel on 28-Sep-18, 20:27

Last post 29-Sep-18, 06:14
by Cass
Last post 09-Jun-18, 20:12
by rjdownunder000
Polaris CV Rubber Joint Mod.

Started by ericclapham on 11-Jul-17, 20:24

Last post 14-Jul-17, 14:19
by ericclapham
blinker relay

Started by bulldogge on 15-Feb-17, 16:09

Last post 19-Mar-17, 08:10
by bulldogge
semi synthetic vs mineral

Started by bahn88 on 19-Feb-17, 12:00

Last post 02-Mar-17, 19:39
by bahn88
Pro link front arm bolt removal

Started by jonfos on 09-Dec-16, 12:54

Last post 28-Dec-16, 17:16
by Seagrass
Touch-up paint for Honda CX perl white?

Started by jhovel on 09-Nov-07, 23:19

Last post 05-Oct-16, 22:49
by mirboo72
Correct tightening torques

Started by koshak on 23-Aug-16, 16:58

Last post 23-Aug-16, 17:17
by Seagrass
Last post 18-Jul-16, 12:40
by VladTepes
Disc drilling

Started by hamilton on 27-Apr-16, 15:33

Last post 07-May-16, 22:48
by doddsy1000
LED Instrument Globes

Started by au_carl on 20-Jan-13, 14:44

Last post 29-Mar-16, 12:34
by VladTepes
Repairing Turbo (and Euro) tank caps

Started by jhovel on 06-Nov-14, 20:39

Last post 11-Dec-15, 12:59
by Willy
Turbo Wastegate MOD No 2

Started by Coops on 11-Sep-15, 09:05

Last post 11-Sep-15, 16:19
by Coops
Starter Motors

Started by Dr Don on 26-Aug-15, 09:53 « 1 2 »

Last post 04-Sep-15, 09:02
by Olwesty
Slow to get both cylinders firing

Started by 500brat on 28-Aug-15, 15:59

Last post 28-Aug-15, 16:54
by Rayman
Starter motor improvement

Started by jhovel on 11-Oct-09, 20:07 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 04-Aug-15, 22:36
by VladTepes
Tank repair in Melbourne?

Started by t.wak on 05-Jun-15, 09:36

Last post 05-Jun-15, 14:50
by muzza
tappet cover bolt screws

Started by bulldogge on 02-Jun-15, 14:46

Last post 02-Jun-15, 16:46
by Seagrass
Last post 12-May-15, 13:20
by slade88green
A Curious Oil Leak

Started by joethebike on 27-Apr-15, 15:12

Last post 27-Apr-15, 19:15
by Onetrack
Wheel Alignment

Started by joethebike on 25-Mar-15, 13:36

Last post 27-Mar-15, 00:34
by jhovel
Sidecovers with pods.

Started by CX PHREAK on 22-Mar-15, 17:42

Last post 22-Mar-15, 17:42
Homemade Carb Synch Tool

Started by VC3 on 24-Aug-13, 05:16 « 1 2 »

Last post 16-Feb-15, 21:02
by Seagrass
I got caught out today...

Started by SlotBaker on 15-Feb-15, 22:36

Last post 16-Feb-15, 07:50
by SlotBaker
How much paint?

Started by gary70au on 31-Jan-15, 17:53

Last post 01-Feb-15, 05:58
by white knight
Tips for removing Polo Mint?

Started by seeex on 20-Dec-14, 18:40

Last post 23-Dec-14, 19:49
by seeex
Paddock stand

Started by Steve F on 13-Oct-09, 20:22

Last post 17-Aug-14, 07:19
by tjf68
Split pins

Started by bulldogge on 09-Aug-14, 14:16

Last post 10-Aug-14, 16:08
by Dragonstaff
Springs in SA

Started by hamilton on 24-Jul-14, 12:11

Last post 24-Jul-14, 12:34
by Rayman
Rebuilding shocks.

Started by Dougallen on 12-Mar-14, 21:02

Last post 02-Jul-14, 17:47
by Dougallen
new seals for cooling need hints

Started by brad jones on 06-Jun-14, 12:36

Last post 08-Jun-14, 09:18
by brad jones
Hey Joe, ‘bout dem gators...

Started by FatFurryGuy on 24-May-14, 10:57

Last post 25-May-14, 08:03
by muzza
CX 650e Fork Seals

Started by Menessis on 23-May-14, 11:04

Last post 24-May-14, 23:23
by jhovel
A Tutorial On Changing Fork Seals

Started by muzza on 19-May-14, 18:34

Last post 19-May-14, 19:34
by Seagrass
CX 650e Manuals

Started by Menessis on 17-May-14, 12:01

Last post 17-May-14, 13:35
by Menessis
small thread repair

Started by hamilton on 08-May-14, 14:55

Last post 08-May-14, 17:50


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