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The best bike Honda makes ...

Started by Kathy on 09-Mar-08, 22:39

Last post 12-Dec-13, 20:25
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Almost good to go!

Started by petera on 02-Mar-17, 11:53

Last post 22-Nov-19, 12:42
by jhovel
Last post 07-Mar-19, 09:35
by fran c
Back in CX heaven

Started by david donne on 19-Apr-18, 14:46

Last post 19-Apr-18, 14:52
by david donne
New Member

Started by johnmck on 22-Sep-17, 13:06

Last post 31-Oct-17, 20:06
by bahn88
Why I bought a CX500

Started by DaveCX on 25-Sep-16, 18:07

Last post 27-Feb-17, 19:21
by hamilton
O0o Dom Eater

Started by FatFurryGuy on 19-Sep-16, 16:46

Last post 20-Sep-16, 05:52
by white knight
33 year old bike or 14 year old bike?

Started by supra on 18-Jun-16, 09:28

Last post 29-Aug-16, 09:46
by Mr Revhead
Greetings from New York USA

Started by keltouma on 31-Mar-16, 11:48

Last post 03-Apr-16, 08:18
by J.C.
Why I went back to a CX500

Started by madmechanic on 25-Mar-13, 19:14

Last post 26-May-15, 20:55
by madmechanic

Started by hondo on 25-May-15, 03:10

Last post 25-May-15, 06:47
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
From CX500B to CX500TC :)

Started by krolik83 on 03-Jul-14, 20:42

Last post 05-Jul-14, 16:39
by krolik83
My CX ...

Started by Rob S on 25-May-14, 18:00

Last post 30-May-14, 10:58
I wanted a CX500 for some unknown reason ...

Started by qqc on 19-Mar-14, 23:33

Last post 23-Mar-14, 14:18
by qqc
Nothing but the feeling?

Started by Oma Aika on 23-Feb-14, 23:56

Last post 23-Feb-14, 23:56
by Oma Aika
Another rush of blood........

Started by peter slaughter on 30-Jan-14, 23:02

Last post 11-Feb-14, 12:35
by peter slaughter
I am a "CX Freak"

Started by Turbomapf on 30-Jan-14, 10:08

Last post 02-Feb-14, 07:50
by hamilton
Why I sold my CX!

Started by Logo on 02-Dec-12, 02:34

Last post 08-Jan-13, 11:10
by doddsy1000
Fastest pushrod engines (per cc) in the world!

Started by JimL on 05-Nov-11, 16:54

Last post 02-Dec-12, 14:32
by VladTepes
82 CX500 sports

Started by gregor on 15-Sep-12, 11:38

Last post 25-Nov-12, 22:56
by gregor
Blast from the past

Started by au_carl on 02-Nov-12, 01:50

Last post 02-Nov-12, 17:33
by Onetrack
A private promise full filled

Started by Nighthawk on 17-Oct-12, 21:49

Last post 20-Oct-12, 19:08
by hamilton
Hey! I got one!

Started by Swinging Beef on 23-Aug-12, 15:33

Last post 02-Oct-12, 07:58
by VladTepes

Started by Steamman on 28-Jul-12, 16:59

Last post 29-Aug-12, 15:28
by VladTepes
Oh God what HAVE I done.....

Started by VladTepes on 21-Apr-12, 18:37

Last post 24-Aug-12, 18:55
"The only bike I never wanted to own..."

Started by Joolstacho on 08-May-12, 21:32

Last post 09-May-12, 21:24
by Glen
How come a CX?

Started by CXDUDE on 18-Sep-11, 14:10 « 1 2 »

Last post 04-May-12, 19:19
by Joolstacho
Yet another CX owner

Started by CXpilot on 14-Feb-12, 21:12

Last post 27-Mar-12, 10:34
by doddsy1000
Time to come clean. . .

Started by Arrne on 23-Mar-12, 10:44

Last post 24-Mar-12, 11:14
by 8Track
A few words about my CX650

Started by Staffy on 21-Mar-12, 21:08

Last post 22-Mar-12, 08:48
by doddsy1000
Why I have a CX500?

Started by Zenskas on 05-Oct-11, 19:57

Last post 18-Oct-11, 21:15
by Zenskas
Why a CX?

Started by wvr11 on 15-Oct-11, 15:55

Last post 15-Oct-11, 15:55
by wvr11
Why I bought a 650

Started by Staffy on 16-Jul-11, 10:41

Last post 16-Jul-11, 18:41
by Staffy
Then there were 3

Started by dave turbo g on 03-Jul-11, 06:44

Last post 03-Jul-11, 06:44
by dave turbo g
Yep! CX good gear

Started by mototrev on 31-Jan-11, 18:38

Last post 01-Feb-11, 09:11
by doddsy1000
Comfort, reliablity, low down power.

Started by steve d on 17-Dec-10, 22:54

Last post 21-Dec-10, 10:42
by dr_gaz
Why I bought my GL650I

Started by roddy1 on 04-Oct-10, 00:05 « 1 2 »

Last post 07-Oct-10, 18:24
by Arty0012
G'day all

Started by Scott on 21-Sep-10, 20:35

Last post 22-Sep-10, 07:36
by Kathy
My Cx awakening

Started by bbanoona on 25-Jun-10, 21:20

Last post 26-Jun-10, 05:47
by Onetrack
Because I needed another bike

Started by Wolfrider on 29-May-10, 19:01

Last post 23-Jun-10, 18:21
by Onetrack
CX500C basket case...

Started by gc33 on 10-Jun-10, 19:49

Last post 14-Jun-10, 17:24
by gc33
love that sound

Started by guru71762 on 04-Jun-10, 00:54

Last post 14-Jun-10, 01:51
by MalcolmBliss
Because it just feels right!

Started by EtheB on 02-Aug-07, 19:45

Last post 11-Jun-10, 10:13
by WaterBottle
In the begining

Started by Textahead on 22-May-10, 10:27

Last post 10-Jun-10, 23:37
by rooray
I didn't want to buy this CX 400

Started by CX_Vietnam on 06-Apr-10, 13:13

Last post 06-Apr-10, 13:34
by phantomcxmenance
Change of duties!

Started by Paul F on 28-Mar-10, 20:23

Last post 29-Mar-10, 19:39
by quicksilver
Can finally post something here.

Started by Capt. Furious on 19-Mar-10, 16:14

Last post 28-Mar-10, 14:35
Last post 03-Mar-10, 16:42
by quicksilver
It was a toss up....

Started by Staffy on 27-Dec-09, 13:01

Last post 02-Mar-10, 19:54
by Staffy
Inherited GL400

Started by jimcutfield on 15-Jun-09, 21:23

Last post 19-Jul-09, 18:40
by jimcutfield


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