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CX 500 "O" Ring list

Started by Seagrass on 24-Aug-07, 19:18

Last post 04-Oct-14, 21:24
CX 650 "O" Ring list

Started by Seagrass on 27-Dec-07, 11:16

Last post 05-May-10, 06:20
by Arty0012
CX Allen bolt list

Started by Staffy on 23-Aug-13, 08:15 « 1 2 »

Last post 27-Aug-15, 20:16
by VladTepes
CX Coolant

Started by Seagrass on 25-Jul-07, 12:33

Last post 06-Sep-19, 19:41
by SlotBaker
CX500-EC (Euro) 7 Volt Regulator

Started by Seagrass on 25-Jul-07, 12:12

Last post 26-Aug-08, 20:42
by malcoops2
Fork Gaiters to fit a CX650ED

Started by Onetrack on 01-Sep-09, 10:38

Last post 01-Sep-09, 20:43
by Arty0012
FYI New Finnish CDI unit(FinnBoxG47)

Started by Shep© on 03-Jun-13, 20:56

Last post 03-Jun-13, 21:35
by Seagrass
Last post 26-Apr-08, 09:38
by Sidecar Bob
Normal Topics
130/80 Rear Euro Tyres

Started by white knight on 24-Feb-13, 06:27

Last post 15-Apr-16, 08:08
by hamilton
1981 Upper and Lower Rad Hoses

Started by Seagrass on 25-Jul-07, 12:31

Last post 05-Aug-07, 12:43
by Sidecar Bob
1983 CX650E Front Turn Signals

Started by bkowal on 23-Aug-07, 03:13

Last post 01-Mar-09, 14:28
by toxicdiaster
2 into 1 Exhaust Setup CX500

Started by 4dri4n on 24-Jul-14, 10:38

Last post 25-Jul-14, 17:51
by Dougallen
33mm Front Ends

Started by Seagrass on 25-Jul-07, 12:40

Last post 25-Jul-07, 12:40
by Seagrass
35mm Front ends

Started by Seagrass on 25-Jul-07, 12:42

Last post 25-Jul-07, 12:42
by Seagrass
Last post 31-Mar-09, 21:18
by Kathy
650 Eurosport exhaust pipes

Started by Brian Motion on 27-Jun-10, 20:22

Last post 27-Jun-10, 20:34
by hdconyers
650 ignition lock will fit 82 on shadow

Started by Damo on 09-Jul-08, 16:30

Last post 09-Jul-08, 17:08
by Arty0012
Last post 08-Jul-18, 11:13
by fab
650 thermo switch update

Started by mirboo72 on 20-Mar-13, 15:39

Last post 20-Mar-13, 23:05
by Staffy
7 Volt Regulator

Started by muzza on 16-Jun-13, 12:36

Last post 03-Aug-13, 18:36
by VladTepes
7v Regulator

Started by fran c on 04-Oct-19, 22:17

Last post 30-Oct-19, 18:52
by bahn88
Last post 25-Mar-09, 08:02
by Coops
A tale of some copper washers

Started by Rayman on 20-Apr-09, 14:19

Last post 07-May-09, 11:09
by dr_gaz
Last post 17-May-17, 13:20
by tjf68
After market Front master cylinder

Started by vulkus on 02-Sep-08, 17:46

Last post 13-May-10, 17:48
by Arty0012
Air Filters

Started by Seagrass on 25-Jul-07, 12:28

Last post 07-Jun-08, 09:32
by cxichy
Alternate rear shocks

Started by Glyn on 04-Jan-09, 14:34

Last post 23-Feb-12, 17:17
by Nabih
Bling! - CNC Levers

Started by bkowal on 15-Nov-11, 03:13

Last post 17-Nov-12, 13:20
by Steve F
Brake diaphragm rubber

Started by ozebob on 07-Feb-11, 13:25

Last post 07-Feb-11, 13:25
by ozebob

Started by greebo on 03-Apr-09, 22:41

Last post 28-Jun-09, 12:14
by slipchuck
Clutch Friction Plates for CX650ED

Started by cxichy on 25-Nov-08, 12:20

Last post 25-Nov-08, 21:28
by Arty0012
collector box for 500/650 eurosport

Started by Brian Motion on 29-Nov-10, 01:24

Last post 24-May-11, 17:39
by Brian Motion
CX 650 replacement front discs

Started by jim on 11-Nov-09, 19:20

Last post 12-Nov-09, 04:56
by Arty0012
CX/GL650 radiator hoses

Started by RoddQLD on 20-Nov-09, 18:54

Last post 20-Nov-09, 23:24
by RoddQLD
cx500 custom forks

Started by bbanoona on 08-Aug-07, 19:19

Last post 11-Aug-07, 10:30
by Dr Don
CX500 Euro Monoshock

Started by Seagrass on 27-Jul-07, 20:00

Last post 27-Jul-07, 20:04
by Seagrass
CX500 Turbo Fuel Pump (Aftermarket)

Started by doddsy1000 on 18-May-15, 10:43

Last post 19-May-15, 09:47
by doddsy1000
Cx500 Universal CDI coils(Cheap Substitute)

Started by Shep© on 18-Aug-09, 03:45

Last post 07-Jul-10, 19:41
by Shep©
CX500-CX650/650GL water bottle comparison

Started by Seagrass on 11-Jun-08, 21:11

Last post 11-Jun-08, 23:00
by Seagrass
cx650 Big End Bearings

Started by thekelderkin on 22-Jun-19, 07:35

Last post 23-Jun-19, 04:29
by thekelderkin
CX650 big-end bearings

Started by jhovel on 07-Dec-08, 00:03 « 1 2 »

Last post 15-Mar-10, 06:08
by Hann
CX650E D Pistons

Started by camel on 20-Aug-07, 23:31 « 1 2 »

Last post 26-May-10, 10:19
by gorby
CX650E fork tubes?

Started by bkowal on 20-Mar-10, 02:44

Last post 20-Mar-10, 17:09
by Arty0012
CX650ED fuel cap ?

Started by shark on 29-Feb-08, 18:10

Last post 02-Aug-08, 17:54
by hdconyers
CX650ED Turn Signals

Started by cxichy on 20-Nov-08, 10:37

Last post 08-Dec-08, 08:21
by cxichy
Cylinder head covers

Started by bahn88 on 28-Aug-17, 18:24

Last post 28-Aug-17, 19:00
by bahn88
dual front brake calipers 1980 cx500

Started by cx_racer on 17-Mar-11, 18:42

Last post 07-Dec-16, 11:53
by Rone
Euro UJ Boot substitute

Started by Joolstacho on 21-Mar-14, 13:20

Last post 27-Mar-14, 01:29
by VC3
Euro VT500 Fairing

Started by doddsy1000 on 12-Dec-09, 22:01

Last post 13-Dec-09, 22:41
by doddsy1000
Euro/Turbo front wheel options?

Started by jhovel on 26-Nov-13, 23:36

Last post 08-Feb-14, 21:37
by jhovel


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