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What's happening today?

Started by bahn88 on 01-Jan-21, 08:09 « 1 2 »

Last post 22-Feb-21, 08:22
by white knight
What's happening today? (2020)

Started by Mins Man on 03-Jan-20, 09:39 « 1 2 3 ... 16 »

Last post 24-Dec-20, 21:53
by jhovel
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CX500E / 650E spoked wheel conversion.

Started by ericclapham on 13-Feb-21, 17:51

Last post 27-Feb-21, 10:17
by ericclapham
U.K Turbo Sale.

Started by ericclapham on 27-Jan-21, 11:53

Last post 27-Jan-21, 11:53
by ericclapham
Last post 03-Jan-21, 14:37
by bahn88
Last post 25-Dec-20, 18:28
by Kathy
Last post 10-Dec-20, 04:19
by muzza
Custom Exhaust.

Started by ericclapham on 07-Dec-20, 11:09

Last post 07-Dec-20, 11:09
by ericclapham
Cafe Racer.

Started by ericclapham on 01-Nov-20, 17:30

Last post 05-Dec-20, 08:54
by coolhand99
Standard CX500 piston rings

Started by jhovel on 26-Oct-20, 21:57

Last post 20-Nov-20, 14:46
by jhovel

Started by white knight on 16-Dec-09, 07:00

Last post 03-Nov-20, 19:14
by kazdeluxe
Header Wrap recommendations?

Started by redrover on 16-Oct-20, 12:03

Last post 26-Oct-20, 20:16
by Rayman
Shed discoveries

Started by tomo on 08-Oct-20, 07:45

Last post 19-Oct-20, 12:02
by Wilko1962
Bluetooth comms and phone etc set ups.

Started by Dragonstaff on 16-Aug-20, 12:44

Last post 01-Oct-20, 16:40
by Bodge62
I Need a Reg/Rec for a lithium Battery

Started by J.C on 11-Feb-20, 07:26

Last post 05-Sep-20, 17:53
by wary45
3D CAD files sharing

Started by DanielKoerichRocha on 05-Sep-20, 10:28

Last post 05-Sep-20, 11:18
by J.C.
Turbo front indicator lenses

Started by jhovel on 29-Aug-20, 02:32

Last post 29-Aug-20, 02:32
by jhovel
Second hand / cheap tyres for RWC

Started by DanielKoerichRocha on 26-Aug-20, 15:48

Last post 27-Aug-20, 11:30
by bahn88
3D modelling expert - anyone here?

Started by jhovel on 23-Aug-20, 20:28

Last post 26-Aug-20, 15:39
by DanielKoerichRocha
Seals and O-rings

Started by Zenawarrior on 26-Aug-20, 10:22

Last post 26-Aug-20, 10:22
by Zenawarrior
CX650 Headlight

Started by Zenawarrior on 08-Aug-20, 13:17

Last post 20-Aug-20, 03:41
by muzza
CX Temperature sender to Moto-Gadget

Started by coolhand99 on 15-Aug-20, 14:37

Last post 16-Aug-20, 09:24
by coolhand99
Guessing game.

Started by CX PHREAK on 02-Dec-19, 21:27 « 1 2 »

Last post 06-Jul-20, 09:26
by J.C.
CX500/CX650 Tshirts via the US forum

Started by bahn88 on 02-Jul-20, 12:17

Last post 04-Jul-20, 11:26
by Mins Man
Fuel tank trouble

Started by Nonloso on 22-Jun-20, 16:40

Last post 25-Jun-20, 12:34
Wrong Carby Gasket?

Started by DanielKoerichRocha on 17-Jun-20, 12:27

Last post 17-Jun-20, 13:52
18” rear wheel on a Custom

Started by rooray on 28-May-20, 17:01

Last post 28-May-20, 17:23
by doddsy1000
Last post 23-May-20, 19:05
by Onetrack
Just Typical

Started by white knight on 17-May-20, 07:18

Last post 18-May-20, 06:04
by white knight
VIN number check problem

Started by DanielKoerichRocha on 22-Apr-20, 18:04

Last post 22-Apr-20, 20:41
by Kathy
COVID-19 Official Information

Started by VladTepes on 16-Mar-20, 11:29

Last post 12-Apr-20, 04:43
by VC3
Anyone got a spare fuel tap?

Started by jhovel on 11-Apr-20, 19:02

Last post 12-Apr-20, 00:01
by doddsy1000
Look what I found

Started by Bert63 on 18-Mar-20, 18:38

Last post 24-Mar-20, 15:44
by CXCafe

Started by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 22-Aug-19, 16:58

Last post 17-Mar-20, 17:45
by Mins Man
CX500 or CX650 engine sealing kit

Started by J.C. on 17-Mar-20, 12:50

Last post 17-Mar-20, 12:50
by J.C.
Last post 10-Mar-20, 10:30
by bahn88
Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift for CX500C

Started by PearTreeCX on 26-Feb-20, 06:10

Last post 01-Mar-20, 21:50
by Dohboy
Last post 28-Feb-20, 16:56
by Rayman
Fake carbon fibre

Started by VladTepes on 25-Feb-20, 14:32

Last post 25-Feb-20, 16:20
by Seagrass
Last Aussie stock head gaskets

Started by jhovel on 26-Jan-20, 17:32

Last post 26-Jan-20, 17:32
by jhovel
82 custom carb problems

Started by finn_nz on 20-Jan-20, 15:08

Last post 22-Jan-20, 23:49
Seasons Greetings

Started by J.C. on 25-Dec-19, 10:04

Last post 30-Dec-19, 14:28
by muzza
What's happening today? (2019)

Started by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 06-Jan-19, 16:09 « 1 2 3 ... 15 »

Last post 26-Dec-19, 18:39
by bahn88

Started by ericclapham on 12-Dec-19, 10:01

Last post 26-Dec-19, 18:33
by bahn88
70's and 80's Hondas-common "common issues"?

Started by bahn88 on 22-Dec-19, 17:04

Last post 22-Dec-19, 21:28
by bahn88
CX500E painting.

Started by ericclapham on 07-Aug-19, 20:05

Last post 11-Dec-19, 00:53
by doddsy1000
Murrays Carbs Free SHipping on Carbs

Started by MurrayF on 05-Dec-19, 09:09

Last post 05-Dec-19, 09:09
by MurrayF
third time lucky

Started by kazdeluxe on 19-Oct-19, 13:53

Last post 30-Nov-19, 23:51
by kazdeluxe
SuperCheap Bike Dolly $99. ,!!

Started by rooray on 14-Sep-18, 18:39

Last post 26-Nov-19, 09:14
by Sagittarius
More eye candy.

Started by ericclapham on 23-Nov-19, 16:42

Last post 24-Nov-19, 17:35
by bahn88


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