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What's happening today?

Started by Staffy on 17-Jul-11, 11:22 « 1 2 3 ... 349 »

Last post 15-Feb-20, 15:31
by doddsy1000
Intro cards for CX Register

Started by Kathy on 16-Apr-09, 21:07 « 1 2 »

Last post 03-Aug-12, 22:24
GIVE BLOOD.......EVERYBODY................

Started by ozebob on 14-Mar-08, 15:05 « 1 2 3 4 »

Last post 05-Feb-14, 23:43
by doddsy1000
New or returning riders (long post)

Started by jhovel on 11-Mar-08, 23:40 « 1 2 »

Last post 30-May-14, 21:26
by Textahead
cx the film star

Started by ozebob on 30-Sep-07, 19:29 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 09-Sep-18, 18:59
by bahn88
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COVID-19 Official Information

Started by VladTepes on 16-Mar-20, 11:29

Last post 26-Mar-20, 14:56
by bahn88
Look what I found

Started by Bert63 on 18-Mar-20, 18:38

Last post 24-Mar-20, 15:44
by CXCafe

Started by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 22-Aug-19, 16:58

Last post 17-Mar-20, 17:45
by Mins Man
CX500 or CX650 engine sealing kit

Started by J.C. on 17-Mar-20, 12:50

Last post 17-Mar-20, 12:50
by J.C.
Last post 10-Mar-20, 10:30
by bahn88
Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift for CX500C

Started by PearTreeCX on 26-Feb-20, 06:10

Last post 01-Mar-20, 21:50
by Dohboy
Last post 28-Feb-20, 16:56
by Rayman
Fake carbon fibre

Started by VladTepes on 25-Feb-20, 14:32

Last post 25-Feb-20, 16:20
by Seagrass
I Need a Reg/Rec for a lithium Battery

Started by J.C on 11-Feb-20, 07:26

Last post 16-Feb-20, 23:18
by J.C.
Last Aussie stock head gaskets

Started by jhovel on 26-Jan-20, 17:32

Last post 26-Jan-20, 17:32
by jhovel
82 custom carb problems

Started by finn_nz on 20-Jan-20, 15:08

Last post 22-Jan-20, 23:49
Seasons Greetings

Started by J.C. on 25-Dec-19, 10:04

Last post 30-Dec-19, 14:28
by muzza

Started by ericclapham on 12-Dec-19, 10:01

Last post 26-Dec-19, 18:33
by bahn88
70's and 80's Hondas-common "common issues"?

Started by bahn88 on 22-Dec-19, 17:04

Last post 22-Dec-19, 21:28
by bahn88
Guessing game.

Started by CX PHREAK on 02-Dec-19, 21:27 « 1 2 »

Last post 15-Dec-19, 12:16
CX500E painting.

Started by ericclapham on 07-Aug-19, 20:05

Last post 11-Dec-19, 00:53
by doddsy1000
Murrays Carbs Free SHipping on Carbs

Started by MurrayF on 05-Dec-19, 09:09

Last post 05-Dec-19, 09:09
by MurrayF
third time lucky

Started by kazdeluxe on 19-Oct-19, 13:53

Last post 30-Nov-19, 23:51
by kazdeluxe
SuperCheap Bike Dolly $99. ,!!

Started by rooray on 14-Sep-18, 18:39

Last post 26-Nov-19, 09:14
by Sagittarius
More eye candy.

Started by ericclapham on 23-Nov-19, 16:42

Last post 24-Nov-19, 17:35
by bahn88
Exchange spoked wheels.

Started by ericclapham on 14-Nov-19, 22:18

Last post 17-Nov-19, 18:35
by bahn88
C Tek battery chargers

Started by Onetrack on 28-Oct-19, 16:46

Last post 11-Nov-19, 11:09
by doddsy1000
Water pump

Started by David Oakley on 04-Nov-19, 17:09

Last post 04-Nov-19, 18:38
Raesan ignition

Started by David Oakley on 14-Oct-19, 17:42

Last post 26-Oct-19, 20:20
by JonJon
Gumtree Adelaide.

Started by ericclapham on 20-Oct-19, 19:04

Last post 21-Oct-19, 12:33
by J.C.
Brake Caliper Piston

Started by Cass on 09-Oct-19, 15:55

Last post 09-Oct-19, 18:43
CX650 Cafe Sale. Flea-bay, Adelaide

Started by ericclapham on 02-Oct-19, 11:51

Last post 08-Oct-19, 08:15
by Seagrass
LDG Ride, Adelaide.

Started by ericclapham on 05-Oct-19, 10:52

Last post 05-Oct-19, 10:52
by ericclapham
Differential Pinion

Started by coolhand99 on 02-Oct-19, 11:33

Last post 04-Oct-19, 07:47
by coolhand99
A Cheapy For Harry

Started by white knight on 03-Oct-19, 09:31

Last post 03-Oct-19, 16:14
by Mins Man
Upper Cylinder Lubricant

Started by Cass on 28-Sep-19, 09:57

Last post 28-Sep-19, 15:14
by bahn88
Engine Ice Coolant

Started by Cass on 22-Sep-19, 12:58

Last post 24-Sep-19, 17:35
by Cass
Is there no more bargains to be had?

Started by Mins Man on 19-Sep-19, 14:05

Last post 20-Sep-19, 09:34
by Mins Man
CX500 turbo on ebay - Victoria

Started by denuto on 13-Sep-19, 17:19

Last post 19-Sep-19, 22:29
by doddsy1000
Part 19012-ZB5-003 still available?

Started by bahn88 on 28-Aug-19, 16:33

Last post 19-Sep-19, 18:58
by bahn88
Last post 09-Sep-19, 05:57
by white knight
ALDI time again. Saturday 31 August 19

Started by rooray on 26-Aug-19, 19:24

Last post 28-Aug-19, 14:24
by bahn88
Unusual colour scheme.

Started by ericclapham on 22-Aug-19, 10:25

Last post 24-Aug-19, 12:10
Last post 23-Aug-19, 21:42
by PearTreeCX
bike parking Brisbane area

Started by david donne on 07-Aug-19, 19:39

Last post 09-Aug-19, 12:29
by bahn88
Noisy tacho 650 Euro

Started by david donne on 25-Jul-19, 17:50

Last post 07-Aug-19, 21:19
by Seagrass
Intake Manifolds.

Started by ericclapham on 13-Jul-19, 13:16

Last post 06-Aug-19, 18:01
by Zenawarrior
Honda CX500 Parking Signs

Started by J.C. on 02-Aug-19, 20:03

Last post 04-Aug-19, 12:07
by J.C.
Custom Paint Job

Started by Cass on 09-Jul-19, 08:53

Last post 18-Jul-19, 14:45
by Cass
Nice CX500 Cafe Video

Started by VC3 on 16-Jul-19, 09:48

Last post 16-Jul-19, 23:15
by VladTepes


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