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Thanks for that useful little snippet of information. I wasn't aware of any difference. However, I'll have to remove the hubs from the wheels currently fitted to the CX500E so it shouldn't be a problem.
General Discussion / Re: CX500E / 650E spoked wheel conversion.
« Last post by Onetrack on 14-Feb-21, 07:42 »
Be aware that although the ad says the wheels of the 500e are the same as the 650e wheels they are not.  The drive flange estrangement for the rear wheel is quite different and not interchangeable between the two models.  Be sure to order the correct one for your CX if the kit includes the hub.
Yes, Certainly will source the rims.     SS, alloy or chromed ? Tube or tubeless ? SS or chrome spokes ? 17" Front wheel ????? ................Decisions, Decisions......Haven't got that far yet. Only ordered the kit today.
General Discussion / Re: CX500E / 650E spoked wheel conversion.
« Last post by bahn88 on 13-Feb-21, 18:53 »
so you'll use your own sourced rims?
Are you planning to make this tubeless compatible?
General Discussion / CX500E / 650E spoked wheel conversion.
« Last post by ericclapham on 13-Feb-21, 17:51 »
       Saw this ad on Gumtree and have ordered a set. Will report further when I get them.
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by bahn88 on 13-Feb-21, 08:59 »
Started 12 days annual leave.....

And Stage 4 lockdown in Vic. 2sad
Well might be time for that overdue wash and polish...
Might also be worth posting the details of the "experts" you contacted......

Some experts are well known as "gurus" or "the go to" in the motorcycle community....others advertise themselves as experts in all areas of restoration..... but their claims/results are lesser known
If you have flakes of the liner throw a few in acetone for a test. This supposedly eats most tank liners.
Hey All,

My cx500 80's tank has a leak on the RHS weld seam - I have discovered the previous owner has already put a tank sealant in. So now the job of removing the existing sealant, and replacing it begings.

After talking with a couple of experts in tank sealing / removing I've decided to not do the job myself (due to the amount of chemicals and time required to properly remove the current seal).

However all these guys i've spoken too are located in Victoria.

Ideally i'd like to reach out to somone in the greater Sydney area.

Does anyone know of someone who offers these services in greater Sydney?


Ask the gurus / Re: CX650 Changing vacuum petcock to normal
« Last post by Onetrack on 08-Feb-21, 07:42 »
Pull the internal filer out with care as they are very expensive from Mr. Honda.  If you don't remove it it will be destroyed when you clean the inside of the tank
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