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General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by doddsy1000 on 20-Jan-20, 22:07 »
Sorry I'm late getting back to you on my teeth guys.

I hit the ground running at both work & helping prepare for my daughter's wedding.

Bali was fun except for the teeth, but that was quite successful.  A lot of it went to plan & the few things that didn't were easily fixed.

That included me getting lost & going to the wrong place.  2funny

The do have anaesthetic and used it well on the first visit.  I could have used more on the second visit,, but the job got done.

I picked a place with their own dental lab to try & prevent lengthy delays & a repeat trip, which worked pretty well.

The made me some temporary crowns in 2 hours at the first visit & then sent me away for an hour on the second while the lab made a few adjustments to the real crowns.

For the week in-between visits, I hired a scooter & you'll be amused to know that my luck with breakdowns carries across the oceans of the world.   :crash:

The engine light came on, so the place gave me a different scooter.  lmao

While it was odd that the dentists all spoke Indonesian during both of my 2 hour plus visits, I wouldn't have heard them in English anyway so it didn't worry me.  2funny

So the next step is to see a local dentist for a checkup & see what opinion I get back from that.  (They might be grumpy).
General Discussion / Re: 82 custom carb problems
« Last post by Seagrass on 20-Jan-20, 19:40 »
When you say you “cleaned and rebuilt” them did you use a guide like Larry’s carbie rebuild guide?

If you just removed the fuel bowls and jets to clean them you have not actually done a complete clean and rebuild.

These carbies are quite detailed and you need to also remove the emulsifier tubes and descale them and clean out all the very small holes in them. Once you do all of this you will be surprised at the difference in idle smoothness and performance.

Bike Accessories & Equipment / Re: cx650 cam chain tensioner
« Last post by bahn88 on 20-Jan-20, 19:22 »
the late 70's and 80's unfortunately were associated with several design/quality issues with Hondas-maybe this coincided with Soichiro Honda;s departure from the overseeing role.....  2sad

The DOHC (in line 4) bikes of the period had cam chain/tensioner issues and the early VF (V four) series had poor cam hardening, lubrication issues etc.

Having said that-Ebay from a CX viewpoint throws up interesting NOS-I recently purchased cam tensioner parts for "lil bro" (the 500) at a reasonable price compared with the questionable reproduction ones so its worth a weekly search-or for those members retired a few times a week 2wink
Bike Accessories & Equipment / Re: cx650 cam chain tensioner
« Last post by Onetrack on 20-Jan-20, 17:13 »
These tensioners were introduced on the Turbos (500 &650) and then used for the  400, 500 and 650 Euros and also GL Silver Wings of each size until the end of production. There is a Honda workshop modification to improve lubrication of the auto tensioner plunger.  I don't think Honda ever really overcame the problems of the cam chain system, right from the start there were attempts to improve the design with several recalls and workshop bulletins.  The problem starts with the adaptation of a multi cylinder V car engine design to a two cylinder engine with its uneven cam lobe pressures at low revs thus causing chain flap that wears everything.

I have several complete sets of unused tensioners and sliders here.
"Young" Les F
General Discussion / Re: 82 custom carb problems
« Last post by CX PHREAK on 20-Jan-20, 15:16 »
Read your plugs. May just be over rich.


Jets in the correct locations? Big in the brass. :)
General Discussion / 82 custom carb problems
« Last post by finn_nz on 20-Jan-20, 15:08 »
hi guys,
need some help re carbs, rebuilt and cleaned, but i have surging when i back the throttle off, doesnt seem to want to hold smooth acceleration, this happens when throttle is backed off to hold steady throttle thru a corner etc, its doing my head in, one thing i didnt replace but they do look fine are the diaphrams on the side of each carb......................can anyone help me?
Bike Accessories & Equipment / Re: cx650 cam chain tensioner
« Last post by Kathy on 20-Jan-20, 13:30 »
Is a 650 cam chain tensioner different to a 500?
The 1977-1981 model CX500s had manual cam chain tensioners while the 1982 model CX500s and all CX650s had automatic cam chain tensioners.
Bike Accessories & Equipment / Re: cx650 cam chain tensioner
« Last post by denuto on 20-Jan-20, 13:26 »
Is a 650 cam chain tensioner different to a 500?

Not that I have a spare of either, but if the same tensioner fits either motor there would be a better chance of finding one than would be the case if the 650 one is unique.
Bike Accessories & Equipment / Re: cx650 cam chain tensioner
« Last post by VC3 on 20-Jan-20, 08:29 »
Hi Cephas....all of it is used according to the seller.
Bike Accessories & Equipment / Re: cx650 cam chain tensioner
« Last post by Seagrass on 20-Jan-20, 07:30 »
The guides are used and I am guessing the tensioner may be also.

The last time tensioners were available in Australia from Honda, the list price was $240.00

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