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Turbo Chat / Re: Parts availability
« Last post by Spicerack on Today at 10:15 »
Thanks very much "Young" Les, that's an awesome reply.  Gives me hope that I can actually do this project.  It may take quite some time but that's ok- parts collection will be the first phase. 
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Onetrack on Today at 08:52 »
Muzz lives in Unzud, what is there to be grumpy about?

"Young" Les F
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by white knight on Today at 07:16 »
You are sounding particularly grumpy this morning Muzz :grandpa:
Turbo Chat / Re: Parts availability
« Last post by Onetrack on Today at 06:57 »
All those parts come up on ebay from time to time
Fairing, rare however a replica was made and modified to suit Euro headlight as to whether it will suit the dash I don't know, sold as Streamliner still available on Ebay without mountings.  Will have a problem with Exhaust pipes. Screens availble from "Screens for bikes" Melbourne.
Side panels Same as Euro except for right side has a lock
Headlight, often seen on ebay 
indicators, Replicas on ebay
Dash, not often seen
Tank, a bit rare but do turn up similar to Euro tank but widened , I suspect to reduce reflected engine noise and has a different fuel tap and mounts are not the same as Euro, some years ago I got a new tank still in its box from South Africa - there is also a heat shield.  The fuel level float is not the same as Euro.  Caps that fit are available on Ebay. 
Seat, same as Euro
Grab rail,  same as Euro
Rear guard with brake light, same as Euro
Rear Indicators, same as Euro - these do turn up on ebay
Rhs exhaust,  replicas made. same shape as Euro don't know about internals plus  there is a"Turbo" name plate
Rhs pillion peg, similar to Euro but Euro is steel and not as good looking
Before you start you need to get a parts manual that can be found on the Internet or on this forum.

The Honda part number system contains valuable information
For example the seat part number is 77200-MC5-000
Translated it gives the following information
77200 - (part code) tells us that this part is a seat, could be a seat for any model including cars.
MC5 -    (Classification Code) tells us that this seat was first used on CX500 Euro, could have been used on many other models as well but always the same identical part.
000 -     (Makers code) tells us that this part was made by Honda themselves. Sometimes has a colour code included.

There is a Topic here showing Classification Codes

All up not a hopeless task but will take some time, many members here have spares and are willing to sell.  Don't hesitate to ask for help.
Good luck keep up the good work. Post some photos so we can see how you are progressing.
"Young" Les F
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by muzza on Today at 06:37 »
at least it got finished and ridden , not pushed in the back of the shed as pile of chopped up junk
Turbo Chat / Parts availability
« Last post by Spicerack on Today at 02:20 »
Hi there,  new member here with the usual noobie questions!
I found a Cx500 Turbo today and am thinking really hard about buying it as I've been looking on and off for one for years to go with my other unusual bike- Suzuki RE5.

The bike is very rough and missing so many bits,  but it's mechanically 95% there and cheap enough. Such a shame the bits are missing,  and no idea where they've gone,  this is how the current owner inherited the bike.

So my question is- are the following parts available and any ideas of cost?

Fairing and side panels
Headlight,  indicators
Grab rail
Rear guard with brake light and indicators
Rhs exhaust
Rhs pillion peg

That's just from a quick look.  Obviously the big ticket item is the fairing I guess? Are the Tank,  seat and side covers the same as the sports models?

It seems like a real shame to let the bike get stripped for spares and I do love a good challenge,  but not worth doing if I can't get hold of the parts.

Cheers Andy in Perth WA
Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by Seagrass on Yesterday at 18:54 »
Graham there is no need to remove the stud and you should probably not attempt it.

You need to remove the radiator from the hanger bracket (remove the radiator all together) and then the hanger bracket from the frame.

Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by gm on Yesterday at 14:10 »
Hi Gurus
Well, I went to remove the head today and found that the hanger bracket (one piece) connects to the head and the cylinder block. Unless I've got it wrong.
So back to square one, its a learning curve that's for sure.
I'm thinking that I mark the stud use two nuts to to take it out (assuming it will move) and then tighten it to the same mark when I reinstall.  I don't know if there is a torque setting the manual is unclear for the stud.
any comments?
General Discussion / Re: Water Pump Seal Part Numbers
« Last post by Kathy on 11-Jun-21, 11:07 »
Hi Joe,
The 500EC parts PDF I have is a good reference resource and I wonder if it would be useful to have it placed on the site.
It is a Honda made parts list but I wonder if Honda would object.
Thanks for the suggestion.

The 500EC parts list and workshop manual are already available for downloading from the forum - they (and other related resources) can be downloaded via links in the the following topic : Free Genuine Honda CX & GL Workshop Manuals.


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