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General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Mins Man on Yesterday at 10:56 »
Yes I agree that the site doesn't hold the interest for me that it once did. Originally it was for people that needed to bring a trailer to take their new purchase home, but now it seems to be full of Porsches and Ferraris etc which I will never be able to buy even if I wanted to.
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by bahn88 on Yesterday at 08:40 »
Dont remember that one....(king Neptune)
But for you SA members....those old servo bottles are asking some $
Time to search the shed......

General Discussion / Followup on Previous Post
« Last post by joethebike on Yesterday at 07:18 »
I just cannot find my recent post about the misfire and backfire through the carburettors on my 500EC when revving over 4500 on a recent ride and the measures taken to address the issue.

But I can report that the mechanical advance retard mechanism was not the culprit, or the spark igniters or the pulsar coils.
I had replaced the plug leads, carefully cleaned out the plug caps and replaced the D8EA spark plugs, with yesterdays ride showing a very noticeable improvement in general running and a surprising increase in power as the bike revved right out on a fast run.
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Seagrass on 15-Sep-21, 19:20 »
Turbos had 18” front wheel and 17” rear wheel

General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by denuto on 15-Sep-21, 14:02 »
@ Mins Man
The seller says he owned it for 6 months and there's quite a list of things done in his ownership. All that work, and 40 miles riden makes it look he bought it for waaay less than he sold it for, and didn't buy it to ride, but to clean it up and sell it on. Looking at prices in the US I would be surprised if that bike was bought for 3-5,000 and it sold for $12,750. It would cost $750 to sell it on BAT and it looks like about $2,000 at most was spent on it between purchase and sale. I think the answer to your question is that the seller was more interested in making some money than riding the bike.

I have been a BAT "member" for 10 years and was a regular visitor for a while before I registered. In the early days it was full of interesting cars without the attempt to monetize the information. In the last few years it has turned into an auction only site and the volume of cars has gone up hugely. There has been a substantial (or total) change of ownership of the site and now BAT is obviously choosy about what they will accept and is trying to keep all the listings "high end" rather than interesting. It's still an interesting site to visit, although the volume means that you have to either search for specific cars/bikes/etc or spend quite a bit of time sifting. Sort of look browsing carsales/bikesales looking for something interesting.

Since it has turned into a high end auction site, it seems to attract buyers with money and the prices move into a different bracket. It's like the prices paid for stuff that sells on Shannons auctions or the US auctions like Barrett Jackson where they seem to be catering for people who have money to spend and no time to spend looking around.   

I also noticed that the listing says it has a 17" rear wheel. Do all Turbos have a 17" rear, or is it not original?
General Discussion / Re: Information on a Fairing
« Last post by bahn88 on 15-Sep-21, 10:39 »
I remember the Cycle-style Brand...the shape I think was similar to the La Parisiennne..(the top portion at least...or I might be getting the brands mixed up...)

Your pic will help....(no hurry)
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Mins Man on 15-Sep-21, 10:13 »
I find this a bit unusual. The guy is selling his 650 turbo with 19K miles on it, yet he's only ridden it for forty miles.....gotta wonder why.

General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by CX PHREAK on 14-Sep-21, 23:14 »
Down at Birkenhead apparently.

There was talk recently of returning it to next to the Sturt creek where the Neptune servo once was when it was the golden mile.

 I remember those days predating all night servos. There was a north and south golden mile with maybe 9 servos each.

If you were anywhere else in Adelaide low on fuel late at night you were out of luck.

Though the airport servo would be open.

And parts could be bought up until midnight at the outbound behind the BP. The store still sort of exists. It is now a Repco franchise at Somerton.
General Discussion / Re: Information on a Fairing
« Last post by Dragonstaff on 14-Sep-21, 21:33 »
2tongue I'm trying to think back to the Cycle-style...was it just the lowers which were CX specific? Are the tops "universal"? (If universal exists...lol... I was once told universal means dont fit anything.. happy0007.).

If the fairings come to fruition...I'll put me hand up...but needs to be before 2030. Whip  :unsure:

I have a CX with one on it. I will get a pic in the next day or two (when I have a few moments to uncover it) if you would like.
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Dragonstaff on 14-Sep-21, 21:30 »
I wonder where that is now, or did it end up a pile of rubble?
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