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white knight

« Started on: 17-May-21, 08:35 »
Hi All-Things seem to be a bit quiet so I thought I would post up some thoughts I had following my recent milestone birthday on a life that many will not understand.
I own motorcycles because of personal life choice.
One day when I am a bit older than now and I cant ride motorcycles anymore,they will be in my workshop as a trophy of my memories.
I have met peaple who taught me something and have the same spirit.
I meet people now who get wisdom from me.
I get wet,I get cold and I have been hot.
I have been afraid and have even hurt myself.
But also,I laughed out loud with the wind.
I spoke a thousand times with myself and God.Still do.
I have made curves that my riding mates would be proud of;other times I made curves that scared the hell out of me.
I have stopped many times to view a landscape or seascape.
I have spoken with perfect strangers.
I go out with frustrations inside and return home with a feeling of absolute peace in my heart.
I always think how dangerous riding is,knowing that the meaning of courage is to advance even feeling fear.
Every time I go up to one of my bikes I think about how wonderful a feat of engineering they are.
I have learned through gestures to communicate with other riders.
I spend money that I do not have,I have given up many things,but its all been worth it.
My bikes are not a means of transportation but pieces of alloy with wheels that I am blessed with,they are part of who I am.
Bless my friends and their joy of great people and motorcycles!


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Outstanding Chris.

Luv that mate. :grandpa:


« Reply #2 on: 17-May-21, 10:34 »
Likewise I am sure.
"Young Les F


« Reply #3 on: 17-May-21, 13:08 »
That's a great collection of thoughts. Quite a few things in there that resonate for me.

white knight

« Reply #4 on: 17-May-21, 15:34 »
You all have a few years to catch up with me,but you will get there,eventually.


« Reply #5 on: 19-May-21, 16:41 »
This reflects the thoughts of most of us and has been eloquently put into words so it can be shared.  We are all enriched by reading it.

Mins Man

« Reply #6 on: 22-May-21, 20:13 »
Agree completely with you Chris and I'm afraid to say that these days my riding is confined to my Postie bike, but even so when I lane split to the front of the line of cars and pull up next to a young guy on a sports bike or a bloke on a Harley (if he can hear me), I always say G'day and have a brief chat while we're waiting for the green light.
Most of the riders that I encounter feel the same as me....that riding is riding, no matter what you're on or how old you are.

P.S.  I still pay the annual permit fee for my 500C, just in case I might feel up to taking it for a spin.  happy0062


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