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Re: Erratic revs
« Reply #75 on: 10-Aug-21, 11:31 »
Faulty memory here. I had 500 diameter pins made to the 650 pattern. Basically an animal that doesn't exist. Thanks Les.


Re: Erratic revs
« Reply #76 on: 10-Aug-21, 13:45 »
Phreak, we have said it all before, you should bring everything up to the 650 pattern.  :violin:


Re: Erratic revs
« Reply #77 on: 12-Aug-21, 16:25 »
I got the rocker arm bore 13.98 - 14 from the clymer manual table 6 page 89.
would this be referring to an earlier model 500?
makes me wonder about the other measurements they have listed in that table?


Re: Erratic revs
« Reply #78 on: 02-Oct-21, 15:29 »
hello again Gurus
Its been a while,
I have all my parts assembled and if all goes well I will do a parts drop to the local motor cycle engineers for them to put the new exhaust guides and exhaust valves in and perhaps smooth the gasket surface.
two questions
1.  I have included a photo of the copper exhaust gasket and was just wondering if there is a trick to getting these out or would you leave them and let them mold into the pipes further?
2.  also does the head gasket need to be coated in anything like a copper spray before installation?

Thanks Gurus


Re: Erratic revs
« Reply #79 on: 03-Oct-21, 00:07 »
I generally don't replace exhaust rings if the same pipes are going back. If you need to pull them usually they are pushed out into the port a little when squashed and you can get a lever under them to pop it out. You should see it if you scratch a little carbon out of the way.

Copper spray on the head gaskets is good. I've used both VHT and duplicolor with good results.


Re: Erratic revs
« Reply #80 on: 03-Oct-21, 13:10 »
thanks CX PHREAK


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