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General Discussion / Scored a Free Riser Stand today
« Last post by nodrog on Today at 17:21 »
I've been given a Riser Stand today. Should make bike restoration easier, who else uses one and how do you attach it to the CX. Pics would be a huge help.
Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by gm on Today at 15:17 »
thanks RAM
I'll let you know how it goes
Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by RAM on Today at 13:50 »
Should I have a crack at installing the guides or send it to the engineers?
Should I replace the water pipe, or will the O ring compensate for the poor surface of the pipe?
Should the surface of the heads be shaved?
If the rocker arm should be a smooth operation?

Replacing guides also requires valve seat cutting. A job for the engineers.
A soft new O ring and rubber grease should seal OK.
Shave heads if they are warped otherwise light clean with a smooth block with medium grade wet & dry and kero.
Hylomar sprayed on gasket is another option.
Rocker arm operation should be as smooth as possible. Clean and polish shafts.
I hope you can solve all problems easily.
Ask the gurus / Re: TC slipping out of 2nd
« Last post by joethebike on Yesterday at 20:54 »
My 500 is the same so if the change to second is not deliberate it can jump out of second to neutral.
Ask the gurus / Re: TC slipping out of 2nd
« Last post by CX PHREAK on Yesterday at 17:44 »
Mine aren't turbos ... but the issue doesn't seem confined to the turbos.

 I find this in most CXs.

What works for me on the 1 - 2 change is to pull the clutch, give the bike a small rev and make the change as the revs drop.

I've never had one throw itself back into neutral doing this under any throttle input.
Ask the gurus / Re: TC slipping out of 2nd
« Last post by Seagrass on Yesterday at 17:28 »
This can happen, especially if you do a “quick” change into second rather than a “positive” change.

Back off on the throttle, clutch in, engage second, slight pause and then clutch out with throttle on.

Have you found the “false neutral” between fourth and fifth yet? Only happens occasionally.

Ask the gurus / TC slipping out of 2nd
« Last post by dangerous on Yesterday at 17:18 »
I don't know if this is a thing or not... but does the CX in this case a TC have a known issue with dropping out of 2nd back into neutral?
Iv never had it on any other CX's but theres a bell ringing in the back of my head...
Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by gm on 26-Jul-21, 22:53 »
Thanks again CXPHREAK
I will need to wait untill Sydney's lock down is over before I can get to the workshop.
I will let you know how it goes.
Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by CX PHREAK on 26-Jul-21, 15:29 »
As for the swapping - I meant the rocker shafts and not the valves.

I expected the exhaust valves would be the sloppy ones as intakes are generally OK.

The head gasket should handle the scratches in the head face but personally I would face them out. If you'll be putting the heads in to a workshop to be done maybe they can also give the gasket faces a quick reface.

Ask the gurus / Re: Erratic revs
« Last post by gm on 26-Jul-21, 15:24 »
Not sure what you mean by swapping the valves.  The inlet valves have a head diameter of about 31.9 and the exhaust are about 21.9. I hope this is normal for the 650E.  The exhaust valve heads are bent out about a millimeter. I can't imagine they will ever form a seal again.
Yes it  is the exhaust valves that are sloppy.
What did you think of the scratches on the surface of the head?

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