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Taper Roller conversion for steering head

Started by Clarky on 21-Feb-09, 18:01 « 1 2 3 ... 7 »

Last post 23-Oct-14, 18:40
by Leonardovans
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Erratic revs

Started by gm on 13-Dec-20, 18:47 « 1 2 »

Last post Yesterday at 13:23
Last post 26-Mar-21, 16:53
by Barocca
Gear shift problem

Started by tomo on 26-Feb-21, 02:08

Last post 09-Mar-21, 02:31
CX650 Changing vacuum petcock to normal

Started by rosed777 on 06-Feb-21, 20:33

Last post 08-Feb-21, 07:42
by Onetrack
Incontinence of Gear-Shift Shaft Oil-Seal

Started by Barocca on 29-Jan-21, 14:49

Last post 01-Feb-21, 19:14
by Onetrack
Air / Fuel Mixture Threaded

Started by wmmason on 09-Jun-20, 16:31 « 1 2 »

Last post 28-Jan-21, 08:20
by wmmason
CX500 - Source of Tapping Noise in Engine

Started by Barocca on 11-Nov-19, 13:54 « 1 2 »

Last post 19-Jan-21, 10:11
by Barocca
Ignitech / Rae-San Hall sensor

Started by rjdownunder000 on 02-Jan-21, 23:09

Last post 03-Jan-21, 14:21
by Bert63
Starter Clutch

Started by gm on 18-Jan-20, 12:41 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 30-Nov-20, 12:06
by gm
CX400 Euro - wiring diagram

Started by petebobborsa78 on 14-Nov-20, 12:39

Last post 18-Nov-20, 11:38
by petebobborsa78
Dash warning light bulbs

Started by whitey56 on 06-Nov-20, 12:00

Last post 09-Nov-20, 21:05
by whitey56

Started by gm on 08-Nov-20, 16:31

Last post 09-Nov-20, 15:35
by gm
no power under load

Started by rjdownunder000 on 02-Nov-20, 22:05

Last post 03-Nov-20, 13:27
metal washer 12.5x17.3x1

Started by rjdownunder000 on 02-Nov-20, 21:55

Last post 03-Nov-20, 08:31
by rjdownunder000
Stator question

Started by tomo on 01-Nov-20, 07:30

Last post 02-Nov-20, 09:30
by tomo
CX500 crankshaft removal

Started by tomo on 06-Oct-20, 00:43

Last post 13-Oct-20, 08:58
by tomo
CX650 Crankshaft bearings

Started by protelec on 30-Sep-20, 12:00

Last post 30-Sep-20, 12:00
by protelec
Oil viscocity and the CX500?

Started by 8Track on 07-Jan-09, 10:48 « 1 2 »

Last post 30-Sep-20, 11:57
by Onetrack
CX650 - Engine "Flat" at 4-5000rpm

Started by Barocca on 26-Sep-20, 15:26

Last post 26-Sep-20, 16:18
by Seagrass
Engine rebuild problems

Started by tomo on 21-Sep-20, 01:34

Last post 24-Sep-20, 14:53
by J.C.
Water pump impellar removal

Started by tomo on 19-Sep-20, 00:52

Last post 20-Sep-20, 19:53
by tomo
Mechanical seal 1980 CX500

Started by Dipstickler on 20-Sep-20, 14:58

Last post 20-Sep-20, 19:13
by Seagrass
starter motor

Started by gm on 08-Sep-20, 18:37

Last post 16-Sep-20, 19:08
by gm
So I've been restoring my 650e and......

Started by Zenawarrior on 23-Aug-20, 19:28

Last post 27-Aug-20, 15:19
by jhovel
Fix for an Eroded Water-Pump Cover

Started by Barocca on 12-Aug-20, 15:30

Last post 12-Aug-20, 21:53
by Barocca
82 master cylinder

Started by whitey56 on 11-Aug-20, 18:59

Last post 11-Aug-20, 21:33
by whitey56
Revs dropping slowly

Started by johnmck on 05-Nov-18, 16:29

Last post 21-Jul-20, 06:17
by white knight
Last post 12-Jul-20, 19:28
by gm
Nickel plating (an old subject I know)

Started by Zenawarrior on 28-Jun-20, 11:27

Last post 01-Jul-20, 13:18
by doddsy1000
Last post 25-Jun-20, 19:39
Need Help, running out of ideas

Started by Highside on 05-Feb-20, 20:04 « 1 2 »

Last post 29-Feb-20, 12:15
by Cass
neutral switch and the rear cover removal

Started by gm on 01-Jan-20, 17:25

Last post 08-Jan-20, 21:52
by gm
water pump impeller

Started by gm on 14-Dec-19, 17:40

Last post 30-Dec-19, 08:14
by gm
Coolant in Oil

Started by IanF1960 on 03-Dec-19, 13:04

Last post 08-Dec-19, 15:12
by IanF1960
oil pressure and temp lights

Started by gm on 17-Nov-19, 11:16

Last post 17-Nov-19, 18:16
by bahn88
Last post 14-Nov-19, 19:07
by bahn88
Last post 29-Oct-19, 23:51
by rjdownunder000
rough idle and slight backfire through carby.

Started by gm on 17-Aug-19, 10:58 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 20-Oct-19, 14:28
by gm
1995 GSXR front system upgrade

Started by GreekFreak on 07-Oct-19, 23:26

Last post 07-Oct-19, 23:26
by GreekFreak
Last post 07-Sep-19, 14:37
by Cass
650E Clutch

Started by gm on 11-Aug-19, 16:34

Last post 14-Aug-19, 20:15
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Radiator draining

Started by AFFarr on 13-Aug-19, 18:39

Last post 13-Aug-19, 19:20
by Seagrass
CX500 Euro.Windscreen

Started by ericclapham on 12-Aug-19, 19:25

Last post 13-Aug-19, 05:35
by white knight
CX500C 1980 Starter Motor issues

Started by RDLR on 27-Jul-19, 12:38

Last post 29-Jul-19, 07:53
by Onetrack
Last post 21-Jul-19, 18:46
Last post 05-Jul-19, 08:32
by J.C.
CX500 Crank Big End regrind

Started by coolhand99 on 28-May-19, 11:25

Last post 29-May-19, 07:56
by coolhand99
cx curious

Started by Steamman on 14-May-19, 16:25

Last post 16-May-19, 00:18
by jhovel
Final drive leak between case and cover

Started by johnmck on 28-Apr-19, 12:26

Last post 28-Apr-19, 12:26
by johnmck


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