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Nickel plating (an old subject I know)
« Started on: 28-Jun-20, 11:27 »
I wanted to see my 650 with nice/new ? looking bolts. So I began with the cheap way... it didn't work for me... then I bought some of Janes kit... still not working for me... getting frustrated. When the bolts are clean they should be grey like new acid dipped metal, and nickel take to it, but the bolts are black like a coating on then. I've cleaned with caustic soda, acetone, hydrochloric acid and clean water before going into plating bath. But the black stuff wont come off, and asking Google give me wrong answers. When the bolts are wet, I get black on my fingers, but nothing seems to be able to remove it. These are things I have tried: citric acid, xylene, toluene.
What is the black stuff ... carbon? I can vapour blast them, but that's a big job, so I'm trying to make a tumbler and using glass beads
By now, being smart and cheaper is giving up and buy new, but I'm not smart,


Re: Nickel plating (an old subject I know)
« Reply #1 on: 28-Jun-20, 16:41 »
I suggest you contact Janes Kits as they have been very helpful with others when problems arise.



Re: Nickel plating (an old subject I know)
« Reply #2 on: 01-Jul-20, 13:18 »
My own best result with that was to use a wire brush on the angle grinder to clean the bolts.

Then the Zinc seemed to work well.

I never could get a thick enough coating though & had rust come back after 12 months.

(Yes, probably the wire brush prep.  :crash:).


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