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I'm making slow progress with fixing a list of "should do" jobs with my 650 Euro, so I figure I should do all the jobs rather than just some while the bike is in dock.
One of the jobs that seems part of getting the braking system up to best operaing condition is to replace the brake lines which are more than 35 years old (looks like they're the originals). I've replaced the rear disk and pads and I'm about to go through the front calipers and clean them up and put new seals in, so while it's all apart and before I try to put it all back together and bleed it all, new brake lines seem a good idea.
So, I'm looking for recommendations:
- Replace with new braided lines, rather than rubber lines?
- Replace the rear line also?
- Any suggestions for a good source? (not in a rush, so overseas is okay)


On my 650E I replaced the rubber lines with HEL braided steel lines (came from Hel Brisbane, iirc) and was very pleased. The current owner was/is happy as well, last I spoke with him.

They had a full set for the CX650E for a reasonable price.

white knight

I bought my steel lines from Venhill in UK-just gave them the model  and got complete kit back including all unions (special angle required)and copper washers.Totally transformed the braking.


I used the HEL braided steel lines.  I thought they were great. I did not use the rubber lines as the previous ones had a wear mark that eventually broke through. Luckily it was in the garage when it broke. the wear line was well concealed and went undetected until its final moment during a brake bleeding exercise.


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