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Master cylinder sight glass dead. Any way to replace?
« Started on: 25-Jun-20, 17:49 »
This is actually the clutch master on one of my 1200 Leadwings, (the registered one, of course) but it is still '80s Honda, so should be the same answer.

Is there any way to replace a friable and shattered sight glass on these? Can a perspex or acrylic one be made and glued in? If so, what is the best material and glue to use?

Thanks guys.


I'll have to hunt them out, but I have some glass discs bought for the purpose that may be suitable.

 Your carbs are coming along. :)


Cool. Do you want me to get the diameter for you Mark?

No real hurry on the carbs, won't be back in town for another couple of weeks, but good to know they are getting there.


Measure it for you. What I have is what I have.

 I've got to do an O ring buy, then I can reassemble the bodies into pairs to mount back onto the plenum.

 Have removed the mixture screw anti tamper caps.


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