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Ignitech / Rae-San Hall sensor
« Started on: 02-Jan-21, 23:09 »
Hi my CX500 bike has an Ignitech / Rae-San Hall sensor combination setup. Left coil is not firing and the problem moves when swapping coils (I double checked as I also replaced the coil from another CDI bike). I suspect the Ignitech unit is not sending the signal to the coil and was planning to hook-up an oscilloscope tomorrow to measure the Ignitech (left) coil output + Rae-San input for that coil.

1) does anybody have an idea what kind of signal I should see/expect on my oscilloscope?
2) is it better to remove the wire from the starter motor solenoid so it doesn't push the engine every time unnecessarily as I just want to see the spark?

Looking forward to any (oscilloscope) pictures/advise.

(will also post this question on the cx500forum.com thanks)


Re: Ignitech / Rae-San Hall sensor
« Reply #1 on: 03-Jan-21, 08:22 »
Your best option for information about this would be to send a Personal Message (PM) to Rayman on this forum who designed the Rae-SAN system.



Re: Ignitech / Rae-San Hall sensor
« Reply #2 on: 03-Jan-21, 14:21 »
You said "the problem moves when you move the coil" ?   If the problem follows the coil does that not mean the problem is in the coil? 

The drive signal your looking for on the left should be the same as the one for the right.  The two sides should work the same ?    Just trying to understand what we are looking at.


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