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Turbo Niggles
« Started on: 17-Sep-17, 11:11 »
Hi Gurus

I've been riding my Turbo for a while after getting it back on the road (love it) and would like some input regarding ironing out a few running issues.

1. Intermittent low speed stumble just off idle which causes the bike to stall when starting off.
    I suspect the Pign sensor issue may be the problem as the turbo boot indicator is slow to respond to manifold pressure changes
    until i've put a few miles on it whereby the indicator starts to respond normally.
    Is there a substitute sensor that can be adapted as the original are made of unobtainium.

2. Damn wastegate sticking on the shaft for the third time! Is there a permanent fix for this?
    Ive researched half a dozen different approaches to solve the problem and not sure which way to go.

   Other than that i love riding it but these issues are spoiling the fun.


Mins Man

Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #1 on: 17-Sep-17, 11:57 »
Do you use mouse milk on your wastegate? If not, if you search the forum for mouse milk you should find an answer to one of your problems.
I don't know the answer to your other problem, other than saying that you have to give a 500T more revs to take off due to it's higher gearing.


Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #2 on: 17-Sep-17, 19:44 »
I agree with Harry that you need to be deliberate with the throttle when taking off or the bike will easily stall. I understand this is due to the low compression at idle so it is a bit sluggish.

I have been on a rally this weekend on my Turbo and I managed to stall the bike when taking off.

As far as the waste gate goes the best option is to remove the waste gate and square off the shaft with a grinder or Dremel tool. Weld the waste gate back onto the actuator shaft, making sure there is a bit of tension on the waste gate and that should be the end of your problems. You can see a drawing at the following forum link,



Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #3 on: 17-Sep-17, 22:51 »
Is it idling at 1100rpm mate?

If not, the sensors behind the water pump may need cleaning.  :grandpa:


Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #4 on: 19-Nov-17, 09:05 »
the sensors behind the water pump may need cleaning.  :grandpa:

Mine has the same off idle stumble and I believe this is the problem.
I have thoroughly tested every other part on the bike.


Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #5 on: 20-Nov-17, 15:03 »
Being next to a wet area, they tend to get a coating of corrosion on them, which I reckon will upset the spec's.

Mine cleaned up well & I coated them with penetrol to minimise future corrosion.

Idle was great after that.  :2afro: :2afro:

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #6 on: 20-Nov-17, 18:19 »
One of mine was not working and I can say for sure that if you have a leaky water pump seal then you are in for a rusty time.

Hopefully the two new ones I put in mine will operate for a while..3 years ago - but bike hasn't been started since I installed them  lol  and a new water pump seal at the same time.


Re: Turbo Niggles
« Reply #7 on: 23-Sep-18, 23:31 »
Thought I'd update on the cause of these issues
I pulled the bike over Xmas to repaint the frame and detail all the other fiddly bits.
I inspected the sensors behind the waterpump and they were in first class shape and within OHMs specs.

Replaced the badly corroded wastegate shaft with a Inconel exhaust valve stem I had laying around reassembled the bike and have put about 4000 km on it with no wastegate issues.
The low speed stumble remained until I replaced the PB sensor for a Suzuki one as mentioned in posts here only last week. What a difference! Starts instantly dead cold instant low rpm throttle response and can be ridden with no hesitation or stumble while warming up Yay!
I thought the Pign sensor was the cause of the running issue as the turbo boost gauge is slow to respond and reasoned thats its delaying the necessary ignition timing changes as well, it's about one second behind when you blip the throttle although It comes good sometimes.
I am trying to source a replacement but they are bloody hard to find for a reasonable price if at all.


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