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Great warranty replacement service from Rae-San
« Started on: 09-Jun-21, 23:23 »
I have been meaning to post a message for months...

Several years ago I bought the Rae-San Hall sensor kit and unfortunately the "sensor ring" died on my a couple of months ago. When I contacted Rae-San and sent him the picture he replaced it immediately under warranty. The new ring has less wax and that is a problem for my "snug-tight" wrists. After testing and adjusting it all as per instructions I was happy to put it all back in the engine. Luckily I didn't assume it was all good before putting the engine back into the frame and did another test, finding out it didn't work anymore. I took it all apart again and found that my "snug-tight" or "hand-tight" bolts WITH A SMALL METAL WASHER was my problem. I tightened it all to much and cut a tiny hole in the wax which created a short circuit to ground. After fixing this I am happy to say, I am riding again and hope you don't make the same mistake as me.

Ride safe everyone  happy0158


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