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dave turbo g:
Hi guys, has anyone found a replacement for 500t piston ring's sign0182
I could be in need of new rings if the bores are still serviceable, being checked out by an Engineer who will fit new valve guides when they arrive.

Silvers have found most of the gaskets & guides but only one head gasket  2sad

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

 I have had a reply from Keith Jones, keith at totalseal.com in America who said he most probably has rings but i would need to supply the groove sizes, out of my scope this  sign0181

Dave G  2cool

dave turbo g:
Hoped someone could help, Idea's anyone  sign0182

Dave G  2coolsmiley


I am not aware of anyone in Australia who is currently looking into replacement piston rings for Turbos.

Joe Hovel (jhovel) has been investigating options for the CX650's so maybe you could send him a PM (personal message) and ask if he could find out about rings for Turbos while he is investigating the 650's?


send a message to Graham - 'legnum1' - he advertised several sets of turbo rings for sale here on this forum a couple of weeks ago.


I've got 3 NOS boxes left, ie 1 and a half sets. Joe had the last set so speak with him if needed. Otherwise contact me if you are interested. 


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