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From MSN website

I just had my knowledgeable spare parts supplier ask for head gaskets for the CX500TCC - NLA from stock, and NLA from old/dead stock, anywhere in Australia.
That's the bad news. 
Here's some slightly better news.
After getting some used turbo head gaskets onto the bench - courtesy Rooray a couple of years back - and putting a standard CX500 head gasket over  the turbo one, there are VERY few differences.
Firstly, the bolts that hold the push-rod gallery on the inner edge of the head are 8mm bolts on the turbo (and the CX650ED), whilst they are only 6mm on the standard, Custom and Sport CX500s.
So, you very carefully ream those holes to 8mm diameter on a standard gasket, where they were 6mm.
Job done?    Not quite.
Next, you find that there is one extra coolant flow hole from the cylinder to the head right below the exhaust port/outlet in the head - it's an oblong hole about twice as long as it is wide.   So, we carefully use a very sharp and well-tapered wad-punch to make the hole, using at least three punch actions ( it can probably be drilled successfully by putting the gasket between two pieces of wood, hold it all in a vyce, and drill through the whole "sandwich" in the right place).
There is no way of comparing the material making up the gasket body, but the rest of the standard Honda gasket and its internal combustion chamber copper ring look identical to the turbo's makeup. Don

I reproduce every CX Turbo gasket in copper sheet and can be delivered in a matter of a few days. I can supply 500T and 650T head gaskets in various thicknesses to adjust compression ratio or allowance for cylinder head machining. All this work has already been done for you. Ask for my catalog and I'll send one along. TurboDan dtopping(at)vc.edu e-mail

As a follow-up to my post on modifying a standard CX500 head gasket to be a Turbo head-gasket, FORGET the use of a sharp wad-punch in altering/making new holes in the gasket - it has a steel layer inside the gasket which ruins any wad-punch.
Use a slim-tapered reamer for enlarging the 6mm holes to 8mm holes, for the pushrod-chest holes.
Drill three 5mm holes for the new coolant hole, then use a round and a small flat file to smooth and properly contour the new hole - holding the gasket in a vyce, so that you support both sides of the gasket near where you are filing.   
It helps to have an old Turbo gasket handy, to compare what you have done, to the original gasket extra hole.
IT WORKS, and you really have to look hard to pick the "non-genuine" gasket. Don

Econohonda in New Zealand have replacement CX500 Turbo head gaskets in stock.
Have tried a couple and seem to be OK
 I found trying to cut a standard CX500 Head gasket to suit a bit of a chore, Its easy to make a mistake .
At $50.00  its well worth a try
Good luck

I ended up getting original honda head gaskets for the 650T from japan coast a bit $70 each but went to the extra expense I believe they are the same gasket as that for a 650ED.


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